English Vocab #21

  1. Paradigm
    n. a pattern that serves as a model or example (link: a paradigm of the new pair of dimes)
  2. Paragon
    n. a model or pattern of excellence (link: a paragon pair of guns)
  3. Parley
    n. a conference, especially between enemies (link: the parley turned into a party)
  4. Patriarch
    n. the leader of a family or tribe (link: the patriarch's specialty is pastry art)
  5. Patrimony
    n. an inheritance from a father or an ancestor; anything inherited
  6. Peccadillo
    n. a slight or trifling sin; a minor offense (linke: Norm thought running over an armadillo was a peccadillo)
  7. Pecuniary
    adj. consisting of or relating to money (link: a pecuniary peculiar dairy)
  8. Pedestrian
    adj. ordinary; moving on foot (link: pedestrian pedestrians)
  9. Perpendicular
    adj. upright or vertical; being at right angles to the plane of the horizon
  10. Personify
    v. to think of or represent as having human qualities; to typify (link: captian minerich is a person who personifies flying)
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English Vocab #21
English Vocab #21