lateral rotators of the hip

  1. name the muscles of the lateral or external rotators of the hip
    • piriformis
    • quadratus femoris
    • obturator internus
    • obturator externus
    • gemellus superior
    • gemellus inferior
  2. action of the deep six
    lateral rotator of the hip
  3. origin of piriformis
    anterior surface of sacrum
  4. insertion of piriformis
    superior aspect of greater trochanter
  5. action of piriformis
    • laterally rotate the hip
    • abduct the hip when the hip flexed
  6. nerve innervates the piriformis
    sacral plexus l5, s1,2
  7. Quadratus femoris: Action
    laterally rotate hip
  8. quadratus femoris: origin
    lateral border of ischial tuberosity
  9. quadratus femoris: insertion
    • intertrochanteric crest
    • between the greater and lesser trochanter
  10. obrurator internus: action
    laterally rotate hip
  11. obturator internus: origin
    • obturator membrane
    • obrurator foramen
  12. obturator internus: insertion
    medial greater trochanter
  13. obturator externus: action
    laterally rotate hip
  14. obturator externus: origin
    • rami of pubis and ischium
    • obturator membrane
  15. obturator externus insertion:
    tronchanteric fossa of femur
  16. gemellus superior: action
    laterally rotate hip
  17. gemellus superior: origin
    ischial spine
  18. gemellus superior: insertion
    medial greater trochanter
  19. gemellus inferior: action
    laterally rotate hip
  20. gemellus inferior: origin
    ischial tuberosity
  21. gemellus inferior: insertion
    medial greater trochanter
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