Leifer Test 4

  1. Hydrocephalus results from an imbalance between the production & absorption of ___
    Cerebro Spinal Fluid / improper formation of the ventricles
  2. Non communicating Hydrocephalus results from the obstruction of CSF flow from the ventricles of the brain to the ___
    Subarachnoid space
  3. ___ results when CSF is inadequately absorbed in the Subarachnoid space
    Communicating Hydrocephalus
  4. The inspection of cavity or organ by passing a light through its wall
  5. Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt
    It is a procedure done to drain excess CSF into peritoneal cavity
  6. Hypostatic pneumonia occurs when
    The circulation of blood in the lungs is very poor and the infant remains in one position very long
  7. Chiari malformations
    is a condition in which brain tissue protrudes into spinal canal
  8. Dandy-Walker Syndrome
    involves an Atresia of the Foramen of Lushka & Foramen of Magendie.
  9. Hip dysplasia is formerly known as
    Congenital Hip Dysplasia
  10. Acetabulum
    Hip Scocket
  11. Reliable sign of Hip Dysplasia
    Limited abduction of the legs at the affected side
  12. Test performed by physicians to detect an unstable hip in the new born
    Barlow's Test (Dislocation occurs when femur leaves acetabulum)
  13. Physician can hear and feel the femoral head slip slip back into acetabulum under gentle pressure
    Ortolani's Sign / Ortolani's Click
  14. In infant 1-6 months old ___ can be used to treat hip dysplasia
    Pavlic Harness
  15. Spica Cast
    Casting in a frog like position
  16. Macrosomia
    Infant who weighs more than 4082gram or 9 pound at birth
  17. Hypoglycemia in the first days of life is defined as blood glucose level < ___
    40 mg/dl
  18. SLA
    Small for Gestational Age
  19. LGA
    Large for Gestational Age
  20. Gestational Age
    Actual time from gestation to birth
  21. Infant < 38 weeks of gestational age
    Pre Term
  22. Ballard Scoring
    Standardized method used to estimate gestational age
  23. Level of maturation
    Ability of organs to function outside the uterus
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