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  1. Curved creased paper sculpture and concentric circle sculpture. What country did it start
    Paper sculpture started in Germany
  2. Paper Sculpture
    What year and where did it start?
    • Paper sculpture started in 1919 at the Baughaus.
    • Baughaus was a school in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts, and was famous for the approach to design that it publicized and taught
  3. Paper Sculpture
    Who taught paper sculpture in Baughaus?
    Josef Albers
  4. Who was a creased paper sculpture artist and Baughaus?
    Irene Schawinsky
  5. Who is David Huffman?
    Huffman was first to investigate and explore folding with curved creases.
  6. Who also explored creased paper sculpture with David Huffman?
    Ronald Resch was a contemporary of David Huffman who has also explored curved creases. The two of them apparently also had many discussions about paper folding.
  7. What did Ronald Resch and David Huffman do together?
    research and explain curved creases
  8. Who are Erik and Martin Demaine?
    They were father and son combo.  One is math the other is artistic.
  9. Who is Hiroshi Ogawa?
    He was came up with curved lines and made a book about folding curved lines.
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