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  1. metolazone
    Mykrox, Zaroxolyn (Thiazide-like diuretic)
  2. indapamine
    Lozol (Thiazide-like diuretic)
  3. chlorothiazide
    Diuril (Thiazide diuretic)
  4. chlorthalidone
    Hygroton, Hylidone (Thiazide diuretic)
  5. hydrochlorothiazide
    Hydrodiuril, Microzide (Thiazide diuretic)
  6. bumetanide
    Bumex (Loop Diuretic)
  7. furosemide
    Lasix (Loop Diuretic)
  8. torsemide
    Demadex (Loop Diuretic)
  9. amiloride
    Midamor (Potassium-sparing Diuretic)
  10. triamterene
    Dyrenium (Potassium-sparing Diuretic)
  11. eplerenone
    Inspra (Aldosterone-receptor Blocker)
  12. spironolactone
    Aldactone (Aldosterone-receptor Blocker)
  13. amlodipine/benazepril
    Lotrel (ACE and CCB)
  14. benazepril/hctz
    Lotensin HCT (ACE and Diuretic)
  15. lisinopril/hctz
    Prinzide (ACE and Diuretic)
  16. quinapril/hctz
    Accuretic (ACE and Diuretic)
  17. amlodipine/valsartan
    Exforge (ARB and CCB)
  18. amlodipine/olmesartan
    Azor (ARB and CCB)
  19. candesartan/hctz
    Atacand HCT (ARB and Diuretic)
  20. irbesartan/hctz
    Avalide (ARB and Diuretic)
  21. losartan/hctz
    Hyzaar (ARB and Diuretic)
  22. telmisartan/hctz
    Micardis/HCT (ARB and Diuretic)
  23. valsartan/hctz
    Diovan/HCT (ARB and Diuretic)
  24. amlodipine/valsartan/hctz
    Exforge HCT (ARB, CCB and Diuretic)
  25. atenolol/chlorthalidone
    Tenoretic (BB and Diuretic)
  26. bisoprolol/hctz
    Ziac (BB and Diuretic)
  27. propranolol/hctz
    Inderide (BB and Diuretic)
  28. metoprolol tartrate/hctz
    Lopressor HCT (BB and Diuretic)
  29. aliskiren/hctz
    Tekturna HCT (Renin Inhibitor and Diuretic)
  30. triamterene/hctz
    Dyazide, Maxzide (Other combination)
  31. reserpine
    Serpasil (Postganglionic adrenergic neuron blocker; also acts centrally)
  32. guanadrel
    Hylorel (Postganglionic adrenergic neuron blocker)
  33. guanethidine monosulfate
    Ismelin (Postganglionic adrenergic neuron blocker)
  34. clonidine
    Catapres (Centrally Active alpha2-agonist)
  35. guanabenz acetate
    Wytensin (Centrally Active alpha2-agonist)
  36. guanfacine
    Tenex (Centrally Active alpha2-agonist)
  37. methyldopa
    Aldomet (Centrally Active alpha2-agonist)
  38. doxazosin
    Cardura (Peripherally Acting Alpha1-Adrenergic Blocker)
  39. prazosin
    Minipress (Peripherally Acting Alpha1-Adrenergic Blocker)
  40. terazosin
    Hytrin (Peripherally Acting Alpha1-Adrenergic Blocker)
  41. hydralazine
    Apresoline (Direct Vasodilator)
  42. minoxidil
    Loniten (Direct Vasodilator)
  43. diltiazem
    Cardizem SR, Cardizem CD, Dilacor XR, Tiazac (Nondihydropyridine Calcium Antagonist)
  44. verapamil IR
    Calan, Isoptin (Nondihydropyridine Calcium Antagonist)
  45. verapamil long-acting
    Calan SR, Isoptin SR (Nondihydropyridine Calcium Antagonist)
  46. verapamil COER
    Covera HS, Verelan PM (Nondihydropyridine Calcium Antagonist)
  47. amlodipine besylate
    Norvasc (Dihydropyridine Calcium Antagonist)

    The other dihydropyridines all end in "-pine" too
  48. aliskiren
    Tekturna (Direct Renin Inhibitor)
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