Impulse-Control Disorders not elsewhere classified

  1. Intermittent Explosive Disorder?
    Is characterized by a number of separate episodes in which the individual gives in to aggresive impulses resulting in serious assaults or damage to property. The aggressiveness is clearly out of proportion to possible preceiptating factors.
  2. Kleptomania?
    Is a repeated failure to resis the impulse to steal things the individuals does not have a reason to steal. The behavior is associated with increased tension just before the theft and a sense of pleasure or relief in the satisfaction of the impulse.
  3. Pyromania?
    Is the deliberate setting of fires and the experiencing of pleasure or relief while setting the fires or in the aftermath of the fire setting. Behavior involves a fascination with or attraction to fire and is not tied in with another Mental Disorder.
  4. Pathological Gambling?
    Is maladaptive gambling behavior not accounted for by a Manic Episode (eg. preoocuption with gambling; inability to change gambling behavior; lying to cover up gambling; the suffering of personal losses as a result of gambling behavior).
  5. Trichotillomania?
    Is complusive hair pulling that leads to significant hair loss. There is increase tension before hair pulling and pleasure or relief when pulling hair out.
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Impulse-Control Disorders not elsewhere classified
Impulse-Control Disorders not elsewhere classified