OT 9 Bethel pictures

  1. Figure carrying burden
  2. Murky stream
     Israel lived in a world where evil was a reality
  3. Spotted tunic, burden, and broken notes
    The sinfulness of the chosen ones issued in the same disharmonies as those experienced by the first inhabitants of God's good earth.
  4. Extended hands
    Israel 's mission entailed a ministry to all on the earth.
  5. Figure clutches burden
    Preoccupied with its own burdens, Israel was not free to minister to the needs of others.
  6. Lamb between figure and extended hands
    Freed from its own burden by the atoning acts of God, Israel would be free to fulfill its mission.
  7. Manuscript message
    The atonement of God was designed by him to empower Israel "to be a blessing."
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OT 9 Bethel pictures
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