OT 2 Bethel Picture

  1. Notes extended from heavens
    God ushered humankind into a domain where they might have harmony with all things
  2. Four fingers below note bar
    The harmony which God coveted for humankind was fourfold in nature
  3. Raised arms of central figures
    Harmony with God
  4. Banner enfolding central figures
    Harmony with self
  5. Clasped arms of central figures
    Harmony with others
  6. Placid and peaceful lake scene
    Harmony with nature
  7. Central figures with faces lifted upward
    Prevailing harmony was contingent upon obedience to God
  8. Halos behind central figures' heads
    Fashioned in the fullness of God's image, male and female in Eden had the capacity for a perfect response
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OT 2 Bethel Picture
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