210L med test

  1. six drug rights
    • pt
    • drug
    • dose
    • route
    • time
    • documentation
  2. Deltoid Injection landmarks
    • palpate the acromion process at the axillary line
    • inject med three fingers down from acromion process then lift up index finger
  3. vastus lateralis IM injection landmarks
    • palpate the greater trochanter
    • palpate the knee
    • form a diamond with your hands
    • inject med into middle of diamond in the anterolateral aspect of the leg
  4. ventrogluteal IM injection site and landmarks
    • landmarks = greater trochanter and anterior superior iliac spine
    • place heal of hand on trochanter with thumb facing in toward the abdomen
    • point your index finger up to the anterior superior iliac spine
    • spread the rest of your fingers back along the iliac crest
    • inject in the "V" formed between your index and third finger.
  5. first step in med admin lab =
    • introduce yourself to the patient
    • perform hand hygiene
    • ID pt under two domains
  6. ID the steps of Z-track method
    • displace the skin 1-1.5 inches with your non-dominant hand.
    • swab the injection site with an alcohol prep in a bullseye fashion 
    • insert the needle in a dart-like fashion at 90 degrees
    • aspirate the needle to ensure it is in muscle 
    • inject the med
    • wait ten seconds
    • withdraw the needle and let go of tissue displacement
  7. when do you perform 3 med checks
    • at pixis
    • when you prepare the meds
    • at pt bedside
  8. how do you draw up mixed insulin
    • Nancy Reagan RN
    • injected desired amount of air into NPH insulin without touching med
    • ínject desired air into regular insulin
    • 'draw up reg insulin
    • draw up NPH
  9. subcu injection sites based upon absorption time
    • 1 - abdomen
    • 2 - arms
    • 3 - thighs
    • 4 - buttocks 
  10. how do you give subcu injection
    • STAY 2" away from umbilicus
    • cleanse site with alcohol prep
    • pinch tissue
    • inject at a 45o angle
    • let go of tissue and stabilize with other hand
    • inject slowly
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210L med test
210L med test