OT 1 Bethel Pictures

  1. Hands lifting the earth out of hazy mist
    God created the heavens and the earth
  2. Halo of white light circling the earth
    God created all things good
  3. Fingers opened on the right hand
    God relinquished the earth to humankind as a gift
  4. White links attached to the arms and globe
    God binds himself to his creation
  5. Figure grasping staff
    Humanity, too, is owned by God
  6. Banner furling around figures
    Fashioned and owned by God, humankind has freedom only within limits
  7. Halo of light behind figures' heads
    Male and female are fashioned in Gods image
  8. Figures holding crowns
    Fashioned in God's image, people are the very crown of God's creation and have been given four basic responsibilities toward the earth on which they dwell
  9. First jewel in the crown
    Replenish the earth
  10. Second jewel in the crown
    Subdue the earth
  11. Third jewel in the crown
    Till and keep the earth
  12. Fourth jewel in the crown
    Have dominion over the earth
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OT 1 Bethel Pictures
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