Botanical supplements

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  1. Black Cohosh: Primary Use
    Ease Menopause Symptoms
  2. Black Cohosh: Potential interaction
    May cause clotting
  3. Echinacea: Primary Use
    Prevent, moderate cold symptoms
  4. Echinacea: Potential interaction
    Avoid taking > 2 mo
  5. Ephedra: Primary use
    Promote weight loss
  6. Ephedra: Potential interaction
    rapid heart rate, headaches, very likely hazardous
  7. Garlic: Primary use
    may reduce cholesterol, BP
  8. Garlic: potential interaction
    reduces clotting time, avoid use with warfarin
  9. Ginger: Primary use
  10. Ginger: Potential interaction
    avoid use with drugs that affect bleeding
  11. Gingkgo Biloba: primary use
  12. Ginkgo biloba: Potential interaction
    Avoid use with warfarin
  13. Ginseng: Primary use
    immunity, endurance
  14. Ginseng: Potential interaction
    high BP, avoid with warfarin
  15. Kava: Primary use
    Relieve anxiety
  16. Kava: Potential interaction
    Liver failure, very likely hazardous
  17. Milk Thistle: Primary use
    May help protect liver
  18. St. John's Wort: Primary use
  19. St. John's Wort: Potential interaction
    may compromise meds for heart disease, cancer, seizures, birth control
  20. Licorice Root: Primary use
  21. Licorice Root: potential interaction
    Avoid combinations with spironolactone, thiazide and loop diruretics, hypertensives
  22. Saw Palmetto: Primary use
    relieve syptoms of enlarged prostate
  23. Saw Palmetto: Potential interaction
  24. Valerian root: primary use
    Calms nerves
  25. Valerian root: potential interaction
    avoid with liver disease
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