Macbeth Vocab #2

  1. Marshal
    v. to guide, conduct or usher
  2. Prate
    v. to talk idly, to chatter
  3. Dudgeon
    n. the hilt of a daggar
  4. Posset
    n. hot, spiced drink containing milk
  5. Incarnadine
    v. to redden
  6. Confound
    v. to cause a person to become confused
  7. Clamor
    n. a lout outcry, hubbub
  8. Countenance
    n. or v. the act of giving of expressing approval or to give or express approval
  9. Parley
    n. a discussion between enemies over a truce
  10. Anger
    n. a large tool for boring into the earth
  11. Minion
    n. one who is esteemed of favored
  12. Benison
    n. a blessing
  13. Verities
    n. statements considered to be true
  14. Levy
    v. to impose or collect a tax
  15. Vizards
    n. masks
  16. Rooky
    adj. gloomy
  17. Maw
    n. Stomach
  18. Beldams
    n. hags, witches
  19. Gibbet
    n. gallows; structure used for hangings
  20. Germens
    n. seeds of anything yet uncreated
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Macbeth Vocab #2
Vocab from Macbeth Act II