Macbeth Vocab #1

  1. Corporal
    adj. having to do with the body
  2. Wanton
    adj. unrestrained
  3. Mettle
    • n. spirit, courage
  4. Dauntless
    • adj. fearless
  5. Lave
    v. to wash
  6. Laudable
    adj. worthy of praise
  7. Interdiction
    n. a prohibition by decree (prohibited by law)
  8. Perturbation
    • n. a great disturbance
  9. Purge
    v. to clease from impurities or sin
  10. Vulnerable
    adj. open to attack
  11. Flout
    v. to mock or insult
  12. Harbinger
    n. a messanger
  13. Metaphysical
    adj. supernatural
  14. Husbandry
    n. care of domestic affairs
  15. Posterity
    n. future generations
  16. Fell
    adj. cruel ruthless
  17. Infirmity
    • n. illness
  18. Naught
    adj. mocking
  19. Pristine
    adj. unspoiled, pure
  20. Equivocation
    n. double meaning
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Macbeth Vocab #1
Vocab from Macbeth Act I