chapter 15

  1. independent regulatory commissions
    An independent agency that is largely outside of presidential control and tha regulates important aspects of the nations economy.
  2. spoils system
    the practice of giving gov. office and than other favors to friends and political allies.
  3. civil service
    the people working fo federal gov who are selected through competitive testing.
  4. independent executive agencies
    an independent agency that does not have cabinet status but that has thousands of employees a substancial budget and important public tasks to perform
  5. executive departments
    one of the 14 traditional units of federal administration- also called cabinet departments by which much of the federal government's work is done.
  6. attorney general
    the head of the justice department
  7. independent agencies
    a government organization formed outside existing departments that conduct part of the government's business
  8. quasi-judicial
    having certain judicial like powers
  9. patronage
    the giving of jobs to supporters and friends.
  10. quasi-legislative
    having certain legislative- like powers
  11. secretary
    the head of each of the federal government executive departments
  12. register
    a list of those applicants qualified for employment by having passed the office of personnel management's tests
  13. bipartisian
    including members of both major political parties
  14. bureaucrat
    a person who works for a bureaucracy
  15. domestic affairs
    the events happening in one's home country
  16. federal budget
    a estimate of the federal governments income and expenses over the coming year.
  17. line agency
    an agency of the administration that performs the tasks for which the organization exists.
  18. administration
    the government's many administrators and agencies
  19. staff agency
    an agency of the administration that serves in a support capacity
  20. executive office of the president
    an umbrella agency under the president that is a complex organization of several separate agencies staffed by most of the president's closest advisors.
  21. bureaucracy
    a structure of network of agencies, people, and rules through which the federal government operates.
  22. fiscal year
    a 12 month period for a budget
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