Europe Terms

  1. Latitude
    parallel lines that express the distance north and south of the equator   =
  2. Longitude
    not parallel lines that express the distance east and west of the prime meridian  ||
  3. Prime Meridian
    • 0 degrees longitude
    • located in England and Greenwich
  4. Frost Free Period
    The time of the last frost to the time of the first frost (growing season)
  5. Subsistence Farming
    Farming for the sake of existence, to survive
  6. Globalization
    the increasing, interconnecting of different parts of the world through economic, environmental, political, and social change
  7. Culture
    total of knowledge, attitudes, and behavior patterns shared and transmitted by members of society
  8. State
    legally defined boundaries with a population, a capital city, and a representative government
  9. Primate City
    • A city that is larger than the number 2 and number 3 cities in the country combine
    • Paris
  10. Devolution
    • a part of a country demanding more political freedom or authority
    • Belguim
  11. Polders
    • When a dike is built and pumps water into the sea
    • Netherlands
  12. Core Area
    • the main area in a country for whatever we are talking about
    • the Hague: UN World Court
  13. Infrastructure
    everything that makes up a country (roads, schools, banking, etc.)
  14. Europeanization
    Europe taking their influence to all the world
  15. CIS Countries
    • 15 countries that are a part of the old Soviet Union
    • Russia
  16. Satellite Countries
    • independent communist countries revolving around and faithful to the Soviet Union
    • Poland
  17. Development
    the economic, social, and institutional growth of national states (process of change for the better)
  18. Productivity per Worker
    the sum of production over a year divided by the total number of persons in the labor force
  19. Consumption of Energy
    use of electricity and other forms of power
  20. The Hague
    UN World Court in the Netherlands
  21. Collective farms
    when the government takes all the farms and combines them into one big farm
  22. Mediterranean Climate
    • hot dry summers months and somewhat moist mild winters
    • Southern Europe/Southern California
  23. Shatterbelt
    • Changing boundaries
    • Eastern Europe
  24. Balkanization
    • changing boundaries in the Balkan Areas
    • Eastern Europe
  25. Command Economy
    • All commands coming from one central location (opposite of free market) 
    • Moscow
  26. Fjords
    • Deep-sided valleys cut into the mainland (dug and cut out by glaciers now flooded by the sea)
    • Norway
  27. Finlandization
    Soviet Union guaranteed security to Finland but dictated Finnish foreign and defense policies and trade partner
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