N295 test 2 set 1

  1. Rubella precautions?
    Droplet (mask) for 7 days after onset of rash
  2. Measles (rubeola) precautions?
    Airborn Precautions. Negative pressure room until 4 days after onset of rash, and only send in HCW who are immune so they don't need a mask or respirator.
  3. Smallpox Precautions?
    Airborne and Contact (Gown, Gloves and Respirator) until all scabbed over 3-4 weeks. If HCW is vaccinated then they should care for pt and still wear respirator.
  4. Tuberculosis Precautions?
    Airborne precautions (respirator) until getting better and 3 negative cultures in a row.
  5. MRSA Precautions?
    Contact Precautions (Gown and Gloves) duration depends on setting. IN acute care this person would likely be on contact precautions through the duration of stay. In long term care the gown and gloves may only be implemented during dressing changes as long as the drainage is contained.
  6. 3 types of Rapid insulin, Generic/trade name?
    • Glulisine/ Apidra
    • Lispro/ Humalog
    • Aspart/ Novolog
  7. Trade name of Glulisine?
    And insulin action?
    • Apidra
    • Rapid
  8. Generic name for Apidra?
    And insulin action?
    • Glulisine
    • Rapid
  9. Trade name for Lispro? 
    and Insulin Action?
    • Humalog
    • Rapid
  10. Generic name for Humalog?
    And insulin action?
    • Lispro
    • Rapid
  11. Generic name for Novolog?
    And insulin action?
    • Aspart
    • Rapid
  12. Trade name for Aspart?
    And insulin action?
    • Novolog
    • Rapid
  13. How long does Rapid insulin take to take effect?
    When does it peak?
    How long does it last?
    Why is it taken?
    • 10-15 min
    • 1 hour
    • 2-2.5 hours
    • For food or high glucose corrections
  14. Metric Convversions:
    Starting with kg moving three decimals places to the right?
  15. Metric Conversions?
    how many decimal places do you move and what are the units?
    • 3 dedimal places right or left.
    • kg---g---mg---mcg
  16. 6 metric units? 
    remember the neumonic?
    King Henry Died from a Disease Called Mumps


  17. Onset of Regular/Short insulin?
    When should it be taken?
    • 30-60 min before eating
    • 2-4 hours
    • Lasts 3-6 hours
    • 30 minutes before eating.
    • For food or high glucose correction.
  18. 2 Regular Insulins?
    Insulin Action?
    • Humulin R and Novolin R
    • Short
  19. 2 NPH insulins?
    Insulin Action?
    • Humulin N and Novolin N
    • Intermediate
  20. Generic name for Lantus?
    Insulin action?
    • Glargine
    • Long
  21. Trade name for Glargine?
    Insulin Action?
    • Lantus
    • Long
  22. Trade name for Detimir?
    Insulin action?
    • Levamir
    • Long
  23. Generic name for Levamir?
    Insulin action?
    • Detimir
    • Long
  24. Intermediate Acting Insulins?
    When taken?
    • NPH's
    • 2-4 hours
    • 6-10 hours
    • 10-16 hours
    • AC breakfast and dinner or HS
    • Usually used in combination with Rapid/fast acting insulin's
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N295 test 2 set 1
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