Barron's list 14

  1. derogatory
    ADJ. /贬低的,贬损的/expressing a low opinion. I resent your derogatory remarks.
  2. descant
    V. /全面而详细的讨论/discuss fully. He was willing to descant upon any topic of conversation, even when he knew very little about the subject under discussion. also N.
  3. descry
    V. /看到/catch sight of. In the distance, we could barely descry the enemy vessels.
  4. desecrate
    V. /亵渎/profane; violate the sanctity of. Shattering the altar and trampling the holy objects underfoot, the invaders desecrated the sanctuary.
  5. desiccate
    V. /弄干/dry up. A tour of this smokehouse will give you an idea of how the pioneers used to desiccate food in order to preserve it.
  6. desolate
    ADJ. /荒无人烟的/unpopulated. After six months in the crowded, bustling metropolis, David was so sick of people that he was ready to head for the most desolate patch of wilderness he could find.
  7. desolate
    V. /放弃/rob of joy; lay waste to; forsake. The bandits desolated the countryside, burning farms and carrying off the harvest.
  8. despise
    鄙视V. look on with scorn; regard as worthless or distasteful. Mr. Bond, I despise spies; I look down on them as mean, despicable, honorless men, whom I would wipe from the face of the earth with as little con¬cern as I would scrape dog droppings from the bottom of my shoe.
  9. despoil
    V. /掠夺/plunder. If you do not yield, I am afraid the enemy will despoil the countryside.
  10. despondent
    ADJ. /忧郁的;沮丧的/depressed; gloomy. To the dismay of his parents, William became seriously despondent after he broke up with Jan; they despaired of finding a cure for his gloom. despondency, N.
  11. despot
    N. /暴君/tyrant; harsh, authoritarian ruler. How could a benevolent king turn overnight into a despot?
  12. destitute
    ADJ. /一贫如洗/extremely poor. Because they had no health insurance, the father's costly illness left the family destitute.
  13. desultory
    ADJ. /慢无目的的;断断续续的/aimless; haphazard; digressing at random. In prison Malcolm X set himself the task of reading straight through the dictionary; to him, reading was purposeful, not desultory.
  14. detached
    ADJ. /分离的/emotionally removed; calm and objective; physically unconnected. A psychoanalyst must maintain a detached point of view and stay uninvolved with his or her patients' personal lives. To a child growing up in an apart¬ment or a row house, to live in a detached house was an unattainable dream.
  15. detergent
    N. /洗洁精;洗涤剂/cleansing agent. Many new detergents have replaced soap.
  16. determination
    N. /决定;测量,计算;解决/resolve; measurement or calculation; decision. Nothing could shake his determination that his children would get the best education that money could buy. Thanks to my pocket calculator, my determination of the answer to the problem took only seconds of my time.
  17. deterrent
    N. /挫败;使气馁/something that discourages; hindrance. Does the threat of capital punishment serve as a deterrent to potential killers? deter,V.
  18. detonation
    N. /引爆,爆炸/explosion. The detonation of the bomb could be heard miles away.
  19. detraction
    N. /诽谤/slandering; aspersion. He is offended by your frequent detractions of his ability as a leader.
  20. detrimental
    ADJ. /有害的/harmful; damaging. The candidate's acceptance of major financial contributions from a well-known racist ultimately proved detrimental to his campaign, for he lost the backing of many of his early grassroots sup¬porters. detriment, N.
  21. deviate
    V. /背离/turn away from (a principle, norm); depart; diverge. Richard never deviated from his daily routine: every day he set off for work at eight o'clock, had his sack lunch (peanut butter on whole wheat) at 12:15, and headed home at the stroke of five.
  22. devious
    ADJ. /拐弯抹角的;偏僻的/roundabout; erratic; not straightforward. The Joker's plan was so devious that it was only with great difficulty we could follow its shifts and dodges.
  23. devise
    V. /设计;发明/think up; invent; plan. How clever he must be to have devised such a devious plan! What ingenious inventions might he have devised if he had turned his mind to science and not to crime.
  24. devoid
    ADJ. /缺乏的/lacking. You may think her mind is a total void, but she's actually not devoid of intelligence. She just sounds like an airhead.
  25. devotee
    N. /热心的追随者/enthusiastic follower. A devotee of the opera, he bought season tickets every year.
  26. devout
    ADJ. /虔诚的;诚恳的/pious. The devout man prayed daily.
  27. dexterous
    ADJ. /灵巧的;右撇子/skillful. The magician was so dexterous that we could not follow him as he performed his tricks.
  28. diabolical
    ADJ. /恶魔的/devilish. "What a fiend I am, to devise such a diabolical scheme to destroy Gotham City," chortled the Joker gleefully.
  29. diagnosis
    • N./诊断(法);判断/art of identifying a disease; analysis of a con-
    • dition. In medical school Margaret developed her skill at
    • diagnosis, learning how to read volumes from a rapid pulse
    • or a hacking cough. diagnose, V.; diagnostic, ADJ.
  30. dialectical
    • ADJ./辩证的,辩证法的/relating to the art of debate; mutual or reciprocal. The debate coach's students grew to develop great
    • forensic and dialectical skill. Teaching, however, is inher-
    • ently a dialectical situation: the coach learned at least as
    • much from her students as they learned from her. dialec-
    • tics, N.
  31. diaphanous
    • ADJ./透明的,半透明的/sheer; transparent. Through the
    • diaphanous curtains, the burglar could clearly see the large
    • jewelry box on the dressing table.
  32. diatribe
    N./抨击,谴责,讽刺/bitter scolding; invective. During the lengthy diatribe delivered by his opponent he remained calm and self-controlled.
  33. dichotomy
    • N./对分,分叉/split; branching into two parts (especially
    • contradictory ones). Willie didn't know how to resolve the
    • dichotomy between his ambition to go to college and his
    • childhood longing to run away and join the circus. Then he
    • heard about Ringling Brothers Circus College, and he knew
    • he'd found the perfect school.
  34. dictum
    N./正式声明;权威一件;名言,格言/authoritative and weighty statement; saying;maxim. University administrations still follow the old dictum of "Publish or perish." They don't care how good a teacher you are; if you don't publish enough papers, you're out of a job.
  35. didactic
    • ADJ./教学的,教导的/teaching; instructional. Pope's lengthy poem An Essay on Man is too didactic for my taste: I dislike it
    • when poets turn preachy and moralize.
  36. differentiate
    • V. /区别,鉴别/distinguish; perceive a difference between.
    • Tweedledum and Tweedledee were like two peas in a pod;
    • not even Mother Tweedle could differentiate the one from
    • the other.
  37. *diffidence
    • N./缺乏自信,胆怯,羞怯/shyness. You must overcome your diffidence
    • if you intend to become a salesperson.
  38. *diffuse
    ADJ./(文章等)冗长的;弥漫的,四散的/wordy; rambling; spread out (like a gas). If you pay authors by the word, you tempt them to produce diffuse manuscripts rather than brief ones. diffusion, N.
  39. *digression
    • N./离题;偏离/wandering away from the subject. Nobody
    • minded when Professor Renoir's lectures wandered away
    • from their official theme; his digressions were always more
    • fascinating than the topic of the day. digress, V.
  40. dilapidated
    • ADJ./倾塌的,损坏的/ruined because of neglect. The dilapi-
    • dated old building needed far more work than just a new
    • coat of paint. dilapidation, N.
  41. dilate
    V./是膨胀,扩大/expand. In the dark, the pupils of your eyes dilate.
  42. *dilatory
    • ADJ./迟误的,拖延的/delaying. If you are dilatory in paying bills,
    • your credit rating may suffer.
  43. dilemma
    N./(进退两难的)窘境,困境/problem; choice of two unsatisfactory alternatives. In this dilemma, he knew no one to whom he could turn for advice.
  44. dilettante
    • N./(艺术、科学等方面)半吊子;业余爱好者/aimless follower of the arts; amateur; dabbler.
    • He was not serious in his painting; he was rather a dilet-
    • tante.
  45. *diligence
    • N./勤勉,勤奋/steadiness of effort; persistent hard work. Her
    • employers were greatly impressed by her diligence and
    • offered her a partnership in the firm. diligent, ADJ.
  46. dilute
    • V./稀释,冲淡;削弱/make less concentrated; reduce in strength. She
    • preferred to dilute her coffeewith milk.
  47. diminution
    • N./缩减,降低/lessening; reduction in size. Old Jack was
    • as sharp at eighty as he had been at fifty; increasing age
    • led to no diminution of his mental acuity.
  48. din
    • N./喧嚣,嘈杂声/continued loud noise. The din of the jackhammers
    • outside the classroom window drowned out the lecturer's
    • voice. also V.
  49. dinghy
    • N./(舰、船上的)小型供应艇;救生艇/small ship's boat. In the film Lifeboat, an ill-
    • assorted group of passengers from a sunken ocean liner
    • are marooned at sea in a dinghy.
  50. dingy
    • ADJ./暗淡的,无光泽的;(地方等)肮脏的;昏暗的/dull; not fresh; cheerless. Refusing to be
    • depressed by her dingy studio apartment, Bea spent the
    • weekend polishing the floors and windows and hanging
    • bright posters on the walls.
  51. dint
    • N./力量;作用/means; effort. By dint of much hard work, the volun-
    • teers were able to place the raging forest fire under control.
  52. diorama
    • N./(有人物、走兽等塑像的)微型立体景/life-size three-dimensional scene from nature
    • or history. Because they dramatically pose actual stuffed
    • animals against realistic painted landscapes, the dioramas
    • at the Museum of Natural History particularly impress high
    • school biology students.
  53. dire
    ADJ./可怕的,悲惨的/disastrous. People ignored her dire predictions of an approaching depression.
  54. dirge
    • N./哀乐,挽歌/lament with music. The funeral dirge stirred us to
    • tears.
  55. disabuse
    V./去除......的谬误;使醒悟/correct a false impression; undeceive. I will attempt to disabuse you of your impression of my client's guilt; I know he is innocent.
  56. disaffected
    • ADJ./不忠的,不满的/disloyal. Once the most loyal of Gor-
    • bachev's supporters, Sheverdnaze found himself becoming
    • increasingly disaffected.
  57. disapprobation
    • N./不以为然;非难/disapproval; condemnation. The con-
    • servative father viewed his daughter's radical boyfriend with
    • disapprobation.
  58. disarray
    • N./混乱,紊乱/a disorderly or untidy state. After the New
    • Year's party, the once orderly house was in total disarray.
  59. disavowal
    • N./否认,不承认/denial; disclaiming. His disavowal of his part
    • in the conspiracy was not believed by the jury. disavow, V.
  60. disband
    • V./解散,遣散/dissolve; disperse. The chess club disbanded
    • after its disastrous initial season.
  61. disburse
    • V./支出,支付/pay out. When you disburse money on the
    • company's behalf, be sure to get a receipt.
  62. discernible
    • ADJ./看得清的;辨认得出的/distinguishable; perceivable. The ships in
    • the harbor were not discernible in the fog. discern, V.
  63. *discerning
    ADJ./聪明的;有洞察力的/mentally quick and observant; having insight. Though no genius, the star was sufficiently discerning to tell her true friends from the countless phonies who flattered her.
  64. disclaim
    • V./放弃;否认/disown; renounce claim to. If I grant you this
    • privilege, will you disclaim all other rights?
  65. *disclose
    • V./使......显露;揭露/reveal. Although competitors offered him
    • bribes, he refused to disclose any information about his
    • company's forthcoming product. disclosure, N.
  66. discombobulated
    • ADJ./困惑的;挫败的/confused; discomposed. The
    • novice square dancer became so discombobulated that he
    • wandered into the wrong set.
  67. discomfit
    V. /扰乱/put to rout; defeat; disconcert. This ruse will discomfitthe enemy. discomfiture, N. discomfited,ADJ.
  68. discomposure
    N. /心乱;不安/agitation; loss of poise. Perpetually poised, Agent 007 never exhibited a moment's discomposure.
  69. disconcert
    V. /迷惑;扰乱;使难堪/confuse; upset; embarrass. The lawyer was disconcerted by the evidence produced by her adversary.
  70. disconsolate
    ADJ. /悲伤;沮丧/sad. The death of his wife left him disconsolate.
  71. discord
    N. /冲突的;不和谐的/conflict; lack of harmony. Watching Tweedledum battle Tweedledee, Alice wondered what had caused this pointless discord.
  72. discordant
    ADJ. /不和谐的;冲突的/not harmonious; conflicting. Nothing is quite so discordant as the sound of a junior high school orchestra tuning up.
  73. discount
    V. /漠视;解散/disregard; dismiss. Be prepared to discount what he has to say about his ex-wife.
  74. discourse
    N. /演讲;谈话/formal discussion; conversation. The young Plato was drawn to the Agora to hear the philosophical discourse of Socrates and his followers. alsoV.
  75. discredit
    V. /不信任;丢脸/defame; destroy confidence in; disbelieve. The campaign was highly negative in tone; each candidate tried to discredit the other.
  76. discrepancy
    N. /相差;缺乏一致/lack of consistency; difference. The police noticed some discrepancies in his description of the crime and did not believe him.
  77. discrete
    ADJ. /分离;没有关系的/separate; unconnected. The universe is composed of discrete bodies.
  78. discretion
    N. /判断力;审慎/prudence; ability to adjust actions to circumstances. Use your discretion in this matter and do not discuss it with anyone. discreet,ADJ.
  79. discriminating
    ADJ. /有识别能力的;有偏见的/able to see differences; prejudiced. A superb interpreter of Picasso, she was sufficiently discriminating to judge the most complex works of modern art. (secondary meaning) discrimination, N.
  80. discursive
    ADJ. /散漫的;不得要领的/digressing; rambling. As the lecturer wandered from topic to topic, we wondered what if any point there was to his discursive remarks.
  81. disdain
    V. /蔑视/view with scorn or contempt. In the film Funny Face, the bookish heroine disdained fashion models for their lack of intellectual interests. also N.
  82. disembark
    V. /登陆;靠岸/go ashore; unload cargo from a ship. Before the passengers could disembark, they had to pick up their passports from the ship's purser.
  83. disenfranchise
    V. /剥夺(公民权)/deprive of a civil right. The imposition of the poll tax effectively disenfranchised poor Southern blacks, who lost their right to vote.
  84. disengage
    V. /脱离;分离/uncouple; separate; disconnect. A standard movie routine involves the hero's desperate attempt to dis¬engage a railroad car from a moving train.
  85. disfigure
    V. /诬陷,抹黑,诽谤/mar in beauty; spoil. An ugly frown disfigured his normally pleasant face.
  86. disgorge
    V. /吐出,涌出,呕吐/surrender something; eject; vomit. Unwilling to disgorge the cash he had stolen from the pension fund, the embezzler tried to run away.
  87. disgruntle
    V. /使郁闷/make discontented. The passengers were disgruntled by the numerous delays.
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