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  1. What is the most important goal of a criminal investigator?
    To determine if a crime has been committed and who did it.
  2. When a crime has occurred the initial responce is usually whom?
    The first responder in a uniform
  3. Identify the 3 priorities, once you arrive at a crime scene?
    • 1 Provide emergency care
    • 2 secure the crime scene
    • 3 investigate
  4. When you begin the investigation what two elements will you immediately concentrate on if the suspect is identified
    • 1 Broadcast that information immediately¬†
    • 2 if the suspect is in custody then prepare for interogation
  5. You arrive at a scene and a adult, dead, female lying on the bed nothing is miss. Husband say she died in her sleep because he was there all night while asleep.While examination you notice perched hemorrhaging in the eyes. So is this dead consistent with natural causes?
    Petchel hemorrhaging is consistent with stragulation, however, brain hemorrhage produces petchel. An AUTOPSY MUST BE DONE to determine the actual cause.
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