Rules and Regulations

  1. Rules and Regulations Questions
  2. What is an alarm received by Radio called?
    Auxiliary Alarm
  3. What is an alarm received verbally at a fire station?
    Still Alarm
  4. Who has the power to rescind, alter or amend the Rules & regulations?
    The city manager when so advised by the fire chief
  5. Who shall be fair and objective and maintain appropriate behavior? 3-2
    The Deputy Chief
  6. Who is responsible for seeing the premises on which emergencies occur are left in such condition they will not cause further harm? 3-7 + 4-3
    The Deputy Chief & BC & Captain
  7. Who is responsible for all department property? 3-8
    The Deputy Chief
  8. Who is responsible for promptly returning companies to quarters? 4-1
    The Battalion chief
  9. Who is responsible for investigating all meritorious acts? 4-7
    Each BC
  10. Who supervises the Training Chief? 5-2
    The Fire Chief
  11. Who is in command of Fire Prevention Services? 6-1
    The Fire Marshall
  12. Who shall be just, dignified and firm when deal with personnel under his supervision? 7-1
    The Captain
  13. Who has the authority to grant short leaves of absence no more than 30 minutes? 7-5
    The Captain with the concurrence with the BC
  14. How many members can leave quarters on a short leave of absence at any given time? 7-5
    Only one
  15. If a member fails to report to duty, who decides who will have to stay? 7-6
    The off going captain thru the guidance of the BC
  16. What is the latest a visitor may stay when visiting a station? 7-9
    2200 hours
  17. Who must approve parties, meetings or social gathering at the station? 7-10
    The Fire chief or his designee
  18. Who is responsible for seeing that reserve apparatus in returned clean and all its equipment?
    The Captain
  19. Who must be notified when an apparatus is taken out of service? 7-16
    The BC and ECC
  20. Who shall the captain send an email to regarding a vehicle that fails to give the right-o-way to emergency apparatus?’7-24
    The Fire Chief thru channels
  21. What shall a captain do when responding to an emergency and discovers a fire or other emergency while enroute? 7-32
    Notify ECC to dispatch a response and give proper info regarding the incident
  22. Who is responsible for instructing new personnel in their duties? 7-32
    The Captain
  23. What day of the week is the weekly check done on Heavy Rescue Apparatus? 8-1
  24. Who is responsible for getting the apparatus to the scene and for proper placing and operating his apparatus? 8-2
    The Engineer
  25. When may beds be occupied? 9-13
    After normal working hours 2000hrs
  26. How many day(s) notice is required in written to resign?
    10 days
  27. If a member requests a leave absence, who shall he contact? 8-20
    The Fire Chief thru channels
  28. If a member is on a leave of absence and wishes to extend such leave, who should he speak with? 8-20
    The Fire Chief or his designee directly
  29. Are you required t carry your FD ID even off duty? 8-31
  30. If you are assigned to prevention services who do you report to? 11-2
    Fire Marshal
  31. How many days do newly promoted personnel have to obtain the proper uniform? 13-2
    35 days
  32. When shall the US flag be flown over the fire station? 14-1
    From 0800-to sundown, except during rain or high winds
  33. Who is responsible for ensure the flag is properly displayed and cared for? 14-4
    The captain
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