Chapter 8

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  1. what are bone markings?
    surface features that characterize each bone
  2. projections on bones are where ____, ____, and _____ attach
    • muscles 
    • tendons
    • ligaments
  3. smooth areas on bones are sites for...
    articulation between bones
  4. depressions, groves, and opening are where ____ ______ and _______ travel.
    • blood vessels 
    • nerves
  5. what is a condyle?
    large, smooth, rounded articulating oval structure
  6. what is a facet?
    small, flat, shallow articulating surface
  7. what is a head?
    prominent, rounded epiphysis
  8. what is a trochlea?
    smooth, groover, pulley- like articular process
  9. what are the 4 articulating surfaces?
    • condyle
    • facet
    • head
    • trochlea
  10. what are the 3 depressions of bone?
    • alveolus
    • fossa
    • sulcus
  11. what is an alveolus?
    deep pit or socket in the maxillae or mandible
  12. what is a fossa?
    flattened or shallow depression
  13. what is a sulcus?
    narrow groove
  14. what are the 9 projections for tendon and ligament attachment?
    • crest
    • epicondyle
    • line
    • process
    • ramus
    • spine
    • trochanter
    • tubercle
    • tuberosity
  15. what is a crest?
    narrow, prominent, ridgelike projection
  16. what is an epicondyle?
    projection adjacent to a condyle
  17. what is a line?
    low ridge
  18. what is a process?
    any marked bony prominence
  19. what is a ramus?
    angular extension of a bone relative to the rest of the structure
  20. what is a spine?
    pointed, slender process
  21. what is a trochanter?
    massive, rough projection found only on the femur
  22. what is a tubercle?
    small, round projection
  23. what is a tuberosity?
    large, rough projection
  24. what are the 5 types of openings and spaces?
    • canal 
    • fissure
    • foramen
    • meatus
    • sinus
  25. what is a canal?
    passageway through a bone
  26. what is a fissure?
    narrow, slitlike opening through a bone
  27. what is a foramen?
    rounded passageway through a bone
  28. what is a meatus?
    passageway through a bone
  29. what is a sinus?
    cavity of hallow space in a bone
  30. what two divisions make up the skeletal system?
    • axial skeleton
    • appendicular skeleton
  31. what is the axial skeleton?
    anything thats not the appendicular skeleton (limbs)
  32. what's the most complex structure in the skeleton?
  33. the skull is comprised of how many bones?
  34. what is the roof of the cranium called?
  35. the calvaria is composed of all but one part of the cranial bone. Which is missing?
    temporal bone
  36. how many bones comprise the facial bone?
    14 facial bones
  37. what is the largest cavity in the skull?
    cranial cavity
  38. what are the 5 cavities of the skull?
    • cranial cavity
    • orbits
    • oral cavity
    • nasal cavity
    • paranasal sinuses
  39. what makes up the paranasal sinuses?
    • frontal sinus 
    • ethmoidal sinuses
    • maxillary sinus
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