Pharmacology Test Review

  1. Drug exclusively acts on BZ1; used as a hypnotic. SE
    Zolpidem. Sleep related behavior
  2. Benzodiazepine antagonist; for OD benzo and hepatic encephalopathy.
  3. Drugs used to treat anxiety
    Diazepam; clonazepam; alprazolam; lorazepam. (LORA CLimbed the ALPs all Day (DIA) without anxiety)
  4. Drugs used to treate insomnia
    Diazepam; flurazepam; temazepam; triazolam (TiM TRied Daily to (f)LURe sleep)
  5. Adverse effects of benzos
    Sedation; especially used in conjunction with other sedating drugs (alcohol; barbituates). Cause CV/respiratory depression.
  6. Effect of abrupt withdraw to long acting benzodiazepines. Other withdraw symptoms
    Seizures. others: anxiety and insomnia from abrupt withdraw of this drug.
  7. SSRI's
    citalopram; fluoxetine; fluvoxamine
  8. Describe leucovorin rescue and the drug that its use for.
    Folate derivative; methotrexate and premetrexed.
  9. List MOPP drugs and their MOA
    Mechlorethamine:alk. Oncovin:MT. Procarbazine:alk. Prednisone:apop.
  10. List ABVD drugs and their MOA
    Adriamycin:topII. Bleomycin:FR. Vinablastine:MT. Dacarbazine:alk
  11. anti cancer therapy that causes cornonary atherosclerosis. MOA?
    5 Fluorouracil; capacitabine side effects. Thymidylate synthase.
  12. Anti cancer drugs that cause pulmonary fibrosis
    Busulfan and bleomycin side effects
  13. anti cancer drug that can cross blood brain barrier. indications?
    "Nitrosureas (""Musty Carlos""). glioblastoma multiforme"
  14. Anti cancer drug known to cause sterility
    procarbazine side effects
  15. anticancer drug causes cardiotoxicity
    "doxorubicin ""Red devil"" side effects"
  16. MOA imatinib and its indications
    BCR-ABL inhibitor; CML
  17. Classes and drugs used to treat vestibular nausia
    antihistamines (cyclicizine; meclizine) and anticholinergics (scopolamine)
  18. AE of dopamine receptor antagonists (metoclopramide; procholoroperazine)
    acute dystonia; orthostatic hypotension from a anti emetic drug
  19. Anti emetics used to treat gastroenteritis
    dopamine-R antagonists (metoclopramide; procholorperazine) and seratonin antagonists (ondansetron)
  20. CI in seratonin antagonists
    antiemetic drug that is contraindicated in liver disease
  21. Adverse effect of metronidazole and tenidazole. Indications
    Disulfram reaction with alcohol use is a AE of these drugs. Used for Cdif Giardia and e. histolytica.
  22. P450 inhihitors as a SE in drugs to treat PUD
    H2 receptor antagonists (Famotidine; Cimetidine; Ranitidine) and PPI (omeprazole; lansoprazole).
  23. Treatment for H pylori
    D1-5 PPI+amoxicillin and D5-10: PPI + clarithromycine + metronidazole
  24. AE of cimetidine
    gynecomastia; cross placenta; p450 inhibitor
  25. SE of methyphenydate and MOA
    Tics (irritability; insomnia; nervousness). GI distress and anorexia as side effects of this DAT/NET reuptake inhibitor.
  26. Drug that treat ADHD that can cause death in cardiac anromalities
    SE of amphetamines
  27. This drug used to treat ADHD is hepatotoxic
  28. Drug exclusively acts on BZ1; used as a hypnotic. SE
    Zolpidem. Sleep related behavior
  29. Contraindications of metformin
    diabetic drug Contraindicated in Kidney disease and CHF.
  30. MOA of sulfonylureas (Glipizide and Glimepiride) and AE
    Diabetic drug that binds and constantly activate K channels. AE hypoglycemia
  31. Drug used to treat diabetes that is CI in IBD
    alpha glucosidase inhibitors (Acarbose)
  32. Drug used to treat diabetes contraindicated in liver disease or CHF
    Pioglitazone; Rosiglitazaone.
  33. Diabetic drugs that can make patients feel full
    Exenatide; Liraglintide; pramlintide
  34. Rapid acting insulins
    lispro; aspart; glulisine
  35. Intermediate acting insulins
    NPH; detemir; glargine
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