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  1. adolscence
    stage of life from 13-18 years
  2. bonding
    the sense that needs will be met
  3. early adulthood
    stage of life from 19-40 years
  4. infacy
    stage of life from birth to 1 year of age
  5. late adulthood
    stage of life from 61 years and older
  6. middle adulthood
    stage of life from 41-60 years
  7. mmoro reflex
    when startled, an infant throws his arms out, spreaks his fingers, then grabs with his fingers and arms
  8. palmar reflex
    when you place your finger in an infant's palm, he will grasp it
  9. preschool age
    stage of life from 3-5 years
  10. rooting reflex
    when you touch a hungry infant's cheek, he will turn his head toward the side touched
  11. scaffolding
    building on what one already knows
  12. school age
    stage of life from 6-12
  13. sucking reflex
    when you stroke a hungry infants lips, he will start sucking
  14. temperament
    the infant's reaction to his environment
  15. toddler phase
    stage of life from 12-36 months
  16. trust vs mistrust
    concept developed from an orderly, predictable environment versus a disorderly, irregular environment
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