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  1. contamination
    the introduction of dangerous chemical, disease, or infetious materials
  2. critical indicent stress management (CISM)
    a comprehensive system that includes education and resources to both prevent stress and to deal with stress appropriately when it occurs
  3. decontamination
    the removal or cleansing of dangerous chemicals and other dangerous or infectious materials
  4. hazardous material incident
    the release of a harmful substance into the environment
  5. multiple-casuality incident (MCI)
    an emergency involving multiple patients
  6. pathogens
    the organisms that cause infections, such as viruses and bacteria
  7. personal protective equipment (PPE)
    equipment that protects the EMS worker from infection and-or exposure to the dangers of rescure operations
  8. standard precautions
    a strict form of infection control that is based on the assumption that all blood and other body fluids are infectious
  9. stress
    a state of physical and/or phychological arousal to a stimulus
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