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  1. ability to move a single joint or series of joint smoothly and easily through an unrestricted pain free ROM
  2. -mysium, sarcolemma
    -shortens during contraction and lengthens during stretch
    >parallel o series elastic component?
    parallel elastic component
  3. -tendon
    -lengthens during contraction and lengthens further when muscles are stretched
    >parallel o series elastic component?
    series elastic component
  4. Property of soft tissue
    the ability of the soft tissue to return to its prestretch resting length directly after a short duration stretch has been removed.
  5. Property of soft tissue
    - a time dependent property
    - initially resists deformation but when stretch force is sustained, it allows a change in the lenth of tissue and;
    - enables the tissue to return to its pre stretch length after stretch force is removed.
  6. Property of soft tissue
    the tendency of a tissue to assume a new and greater length after the stretch has been removed.
  7. encapsulated, monitors tension of musculotendinous units
    golgi tendon organ
  8. mainly responsive to stretch or change in length and velocity of length changes
    muscle spindle
  9. stress strain curve
    - the considerable deformation without the use of much force.
    - it is the range where most functional activity normally occurs.
    toe region
  10. stress strain curve

    - occurs through the end of ROM and a stretch is applied.
    - tissue returns to its original size when stress is released
    elastic range
  11. stress strain curve

    -the point beyond which the tissue will not return to its shape
    elastic limit
  12. stress strain curve
    - shows the tissue with a permanent deformation when stretch is released
    plastic range
  13. stress strain curve
    - corresponds to the greatest load the tissue can sustain
    ultimate strength
  14. stress strain curve
    - just a slight amount of stress would lead to failure which is the rupture of the tissue
  15. creep and stress relaxation curve
    a constant load applied over time results in increased tissue length until equilibrium is reached
  16. creep and stress relaxation curve
    - a load applied with the tissue kept in constant length results in decreased internal tension until equilibrium is reached
  17. ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and to meet unforeseen injuries
  18. proportion of body fat and lean body tissue to total body weight
    body composition
  19. BMI below 18.5
  20. BMI of 18.5-24.9
  21. BMI of 25.0-29.9
  22. BMI of 30 and above
  23. defined as the person's waist circumference, divided by the person's height. 
    a measure of the distribution of body fat
    waist to height ratio
  24. using another sport, activity, or training technique to help improve performance in the primary sport or activity
    cross training
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