Vocab 18

  1. Gape
    • To stare openmouthed in amazement; to open wide
    • S: gawk(at), goggle(at), rubberneck, odle, yawn
    • A: purse (the lips), pucker (the mouth), furrow (the brow)
  2. Garble
    • To distort in such a way as to make unintelligible
    • RP: take something out of context, get something wrong, get something straight, set the record straight
    • S: scramble, jumble, confuse, mangle, mutilate, butcher, misrepresent, misquote, misreport
  3. Gloat
    • To regard with excessive or malicious satisfaction 
    • RP: lord it over, rub it in
    • S: revel(in), delight(in), relish, crow(over), exult(in), glory(in)
  4. Goad
    • 1. A long pointed stick used for driving animals; anything that spurs a person on
    • 2. To drive or urge on
    • RP: needle someone, fire up an audience, whip up enthusiasm
    • S: prod, spur, stimulus, incentive, inducement, gadfly, propel, hound, impel, incite, provoke, egg on
    • A: restraint, curb, check, deterrent, restrain, deter, impede
  5. Graphic
    • 1. Relating to a drawn or pictorial representation; visual
    • 2. Giving a clear and effective picture; vivid
    • S: pictorial, diagrammatic, striking, telling, lively, lifelike, realistic, true to life, picturesque
    • A: sketchy, vague, unrealistic, colorless, bloodless, anemic, pallid, bland
  6. Gratutitous
    • 1. Freely given; done without recompense
    • 2. Uncalled-for; unjustified
    • RP: on the house, free of charge, a freebie, foot the bill for
    • S: free, complimentary, voluntary, unsolicited, unwarranted, unfounded, groundless, baseless
  7. Gregarious
    • 1. Tending to form or move in a herd or other group; social
    • 2. Enjoying the company of others; sociable
    • RP: esprit de corps, birds of a feather, a social butterfly, live in an ivory tower, a loner
    • S: outgoing, extroverted, friendly, companionable, affable, genial
    • A: antisocial, misanthropic, unsociable, unfriendly, withdrawn, reserved, detached, aloof, introverted
  8. Grimace
    • 1. A twisted facial expression indicating pain, disgust, or disapproval
    • 2. To contort the features of the face in order to indicate pain, disgust, or disapproval
    • RP: Make a (wry) face, make faces, screw up one's face, grin from ear to ear, grin like a Cheshire cat 
    • S: frown, scowl, glower, glare, wince
    • A: smile, grin, beam
  9. Grope
    • To feel around uncertainly for
    • RP: pick one's way through, send out a feeler, send up a trial balloon, see how the hand lies, see which way the wind is blowing
    • S: fumble (for), poke around (for), hunt (for), cast about (for), fish around (for), look (for), flounder around (for)
  10. Grueling
    • Extremely demanding and exhausting
    • S: taxing, draining, fatiguing, wearying, tiring, arduous, intense
    • A: easy, simple, enjoyable,relaxing,invigorating
  11. Gruesome
    • Causing great  shock, horror, and repugnance
    • S: horrifying, horrible, monstrous, hideous, grisly, ghastly, macabre, grotesque, lurid
    • A: pleasant, lovely, delightful, agreeable, attractive, charming, engaging, pleasurable
  12. Gullible
    • Easily cheated or deceived
    • RP: a patsy, a soft touch, a sitting duck, a pigeon, born yesterday, still wet behind the ears, pull the wool over someone's eyes, take someone for a ride, jive, caveat emptor
    • S: credulous, naive, ingenuous, unsuspecting, exploitable, trusting, unwary, green
    • A: skeptical, incredulous, dubious, wary, cautious, circumspect
  13. Haggard
    • Worn and exhausted from anxiety, disease, hunger, or fatigue
    • S: careworn, drawn, gaunt, wasted, hollow eyed, drained, wan, cadaverous, pinched
    • A: rosy, florid, ruddy, rubicund, glowing, radiant
  14. Harangue
    • 1. A long, emotional public address designed to arouse strong feelings or spur the audience on to action; a similar piece of writing
    • 2. To deliver a harangue
    • RP: rant and rave, get up on a soapbox, ride a hobbyhorse
    • S: tirade, diatribe, philippic, denunciation, rant, hold forth, pontificate
  15. Harbinger
    • 1. A forerunner
    • 2. To herald the approach of
    • RP: a point man, an advance man
    • S: precursor, herald, omen, sign, portent, presage, foreshadow, prefigure, augur, signal, usher in
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