Pharm - Quiz 7

  1. Potent rx NSAID that should not be used for more than 5 days:
  2. Common OTC NSAID with a 6-8 hour half life:
  3. Major advantage of Tylenol over the NSAIDs:
    no stomach ulcers
  4. Drug rx for RA as well as cancer:
  5. Injectable drug that inhibits tumor necrosis factor:
  6. Life-threatening adverse effect of opiate overdose
    respiratory depression
  7. More potent opiate than morphine w/ lower incidence of nausea:
  8. About 7% of the american population do not get very good pain relief from codeine because:
    they lack metabolizing enzyme CYP 2D6
  9. ______ is a morphine derivative that was the most commonly rx drug in the country in 2005 and is the drug of choice of Dr. House. It is almost always combined with ______.
    • hydrocodone
    • acetaminophen
  10. Another common morphine derivative available in long-acting form that has become a popular street drug and was publicized by Rush Limbaugh and was reformulated in fall 2011 because:
    • oxycontin
    • people could crush them for faster high
  11. Opiate that is currently drug of choice for the pain associated with childbirth:
  12. Antitussive with mild hallucinogenic properties:
  13. ______ was originally developed as an alternative to heroin that did not require needles but has been increasingly used as a pain med in its own right. It has (rapid/slow) onset.
    • methadone
    • slow
  14. Opiate that is commonly rx for cancer patients and those with frequent vomiting:
  15. Antidote for opium overdose:
  16. Opioid that is used to tx diarrhea:
  17. There's little likelihood Imodium can be abused because:
    it isn't absorbed outside the GI tract
  18. Common local anesthetic in the dental office:
  19. Cocaine causes major damage to the noses of regular snorters due to its ________ properties.
  20. Tagamet, Pepcid, and Axid are examples of ______ family of drugs which are used to reduce ulcer pain.
    histamine-2 antagonists
  21. Family name of drug family other than histamine 2 antagonists that reduce ulcer pain:
    proton pump inhibitors
  22. Generic proton pump inhibitors all end in:
  23. Commonly prescribed proton pump inhibitor:
    Prilosec or Nexium
  24. Prior to the 1970's most medical research was funded by the ________.
    federal gov't
  25. What alternatives to an implanted defibrillator are suggested by Dr. Abramson:
    diet and excercise
  26. How did drug makers make sure Nexium appeared more efficacious than Prilosec:
    they gave twice the dosage of Nexium
  27. In what way is the list of authors on a medical article misleading?
    medical articles can by written by ghostwriters who were not involved in the research
  28. which proton pump inhibitor is the biological right hand of Prilosec?
  29. The vast majority of ulcers are due to infection with:
    • Helicobacter pylori
    • tx with antibiotics
  30. First H2 antagonist that has largely been replaced:
  31. Common adverse effect of Tagamet:
    inhibition of CYP 450
  32. Synthetic opioid that causes less constipation that morphine:
  33. Synthetic opioid that was popular for dental pain but has since bene pulled off the market:
  34. The 2 classes of local antithetics based on organic functional groups:
    • Esters (benzocaine, cocaine, Novacaine)
    • Amides (lidocaine)
  35. Ester that is strictly a topical anesthetic:
  36. Family of drug for tx of migraines:
    tryptan family
  37. How to local anesthetics work:
    block sodium channel proteins form inside the cell
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