Ancient Rome Lesson 5

  1. A branch of Christianity that developed in the Byzantine Empire and that did not recognize the Pope as its supreme leader.
    Eastern Orthodox Christianity
  2. The science of planning and constructing buildings
  3. A branch of Christianity that developed in the western Roman empire and that recognized the Pope as its supreme head.
    Roman Catholicism
  4. A Roman emperor who divided the empire in two and over saw the eastern part. The eastern empire included the wealthy cities of Egypt, Greece and Palestine (the Roman name for Judea).
  5. A Roman emperor who founded Constantinople as the new eastern capital of the Roman Empire. He became a supporter of Chritianity and granted freedom to Christians. He donated money to build Christian churches throughout the empire.
  6. A region in southwestern Asia that became the ancient home of the Jews; the ancient Roman name for Judea; became Israel in 1947.
  7. A city established as the new eastern capital of the Roman empire by the emperor Constantine in AD 330, now called Istanbul
  8. The name by which the eastern half of the Roman empire became known somtime after AD 400. Afther the fall of the western Roman empire, the eastern half lived on for another 1000 years. It got its name from the Greek roots in the Greek city of Byzantium
    Byzantine Empire
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Ancient Rome Lesson 5
Chapter 9 lesson 5, Ancient Rome