Test 3 CH 18

  1. Acculturation
    Acculturation occurs when people incorporate traits from another culture.
  2. Assimilation
    Assimilation is the process by which an individual develops a new cultural identity. Means becoming like the members of the dominant culture.
  3. What is cultural competence?
    A lifelong process in which the nurse strives to achieve the ability and availability to work effectively w/i the cultural context of a client.

    • 5 constructs:
    • Cultural desire
    • Cultural awareness
    • Cultural knowledge
    • Cultural skills
    • Cultural encounters
  4. Magico-religious health belief
    Magico-religious health belief view health and illness are controlled by supernatural forces. Illness is the result of "being bad" etc.
  5. Holistic health belief
    Holistic health belief holds that the forces of nature must be maintained in balance or harmony.
  6. Verbal communication with PT's who have limited knowledge of English:
    • -Avoid slang words
    • -Augment spoken conversation with congruent gestures or pics to increase the PT's understanding.
    • -Speak slowly, in a respectful manner, and at a normal volume. Speaking loudly does not help PT to understand and may be offensive.
    • -Frequently validate the PT's understanding of what's being communicated.
  7. Erikson: Middle aged adults
    Generativity v. stagnation
    • ex: Generativity (generous, generosity)
    • Being willing to share with another person
    • Guiding others
    • Establishing a priority of needs, recognizing both self and others.

    • Ex: Stagnation (Stagnate, not moving forward, not listening to others.)
    • Talking about oneself instead of listening to others.
    • Showing concern for oneself in spite of the needs of others.
    • Being unable to accept interdependence.
  8. Erikson: Older adults
    Integrity v. despair
    • Ex: Integrity (
    • Using past experience to assist others
    • Maintaining productivity in some areas
    • Accepting limitations
    • Ex: Despair
    • Crying and being apathetic
    • Not accepting changes
    • Demanding unnecessary assistance and attention from others.
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