Unit 9

  1. Tortuous
    adj. Not direct or straightforward

    'Beating around the bush'
  2. Retort
    v.To respond critically or sarcastically

    Randy's retort response caused the contestant to feel unsuccessful.
  3. Extort
    v.To wrongly or illegally force someone to comply with a demand

    The kidnappers tried to extort money from the victim's family
  4. Voluble
    adj.Talkative; given to rapid, abundant speech

    The minister was very voluble and thorough throughout the sermon
  5. Convoluted
    adj.Having too many twists and turns; overly complicated

    His theory was too convoluted for anyone to understand
  6. Evolve
    v.To unfold; to develop or change gradually

    Animals have slowly evolved over time
  7. Inflexible
    adj. Too unchangeable in character or purpose

    Jenna's mom was too inflexible to change her mind about letting her go to the party
  8. Deflect
    v.To cause to turn aside or away

    It is scientifically proven that water can deflect light
  9. Inflection
    n.Change in pitch or tone of the voice

    John's inflection changed when his little brother kept bothering him.
  10. Adverse
    adj.Not helpful; harmful

    The salesperson was very adverse and uninformative.
  11. Revert
    v.To fall back into an old condition

    She began to revert back to her old ways of smoking and drinking.
  12. Subvert
    v.To undermine; to corrupt

    People continue to subvert the city with violence.
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