COSC Ch. 5

  1. What are general purpose applications?
    Programs used by many people to accomplish frequently performed tasks.
  2. What are Productivity Programs?
    Helps people work more efficiently and effectively on both business related and personal documents
  3. What are some Productivity Programs
    • Word processing
    • Spreadsheet
    • Database
    • Presentation
    • Project Mangement
    • Personal Information Management
  4. What are some Media And Graphic Programs
    • Dektop Publishing
    • Image Animation Creation and editing
    • 3D rendering
    • Audio editing
    • Video Editing
  5. What are some Internet Based Programs?
    • E-mail
    • Web Browsers
    • Internet Messaging
    • Video Conferencing and IP telephony
    • Web-hosted applicaitons
    • Spyware, adware, pop-ups
  6. What are some Home and Educational Programs
    • Personal Finance
    • Tax prep
    • HOme design and landscap design
    • Computer assisted tutorials
    • Computer assisted referencing
    • Games
  7. On Office 2010,What did they improve on the Menu?
    The file menu interface and changed the office button to a tab
  8. In office 2010, what did they to to allow the user to create a custom workspace?
    Added the ability to customize the ribbon.
  9. In office 2010, What did they do for the clipboard?
    Added a live preview for the paste clipboard.
  10. In office 2010, what option did they add concerning screenshots?
    They allowed the option to capture and insert screen shots
  11. In office 2010, what did they do with powerpoint?
    They enhanced the multimedia editing including ability to do video cutting, remove backgrounds, and record a slide show as a video
  12. What did the intro to Office web applications do?
    Like google docs, allows multiple users to edit data on same worksheet, and showed a buddy list of others that identified who is currently editing the doc.
  13. In office 2010, what security settings were added?
    Restrict editing, and block author
  14. What is the application window?
    The area that encloses and displays the application.
  15. What is the application workspace?
    The area that displays the document you are currently working on
  16. What is a document?
    any type of product you create with the computer, which include;typewritten work, electronic spreadsheet, or graphics
  17. What are the window control buttons?
    The minimize, maximize and restore buttons located at the top right of the title bar.
  18. What is the Window Border?
    a thick line that encloses the window.
  19. What is the status bar?
    displays information about the application and the doc, such as current page number ad the total number of pages
  20. What are scroll bars?
    They allow you to see a different part of the doc b using the mouse and dragging the bar.
  21. What are scroll arrows?
    appear on the scroll bar and can be clicked to scroll the doc line by line.
  22. What is the Ribbon?
    a band located across the top of the application window and below the title bar and consists of tabs assembles in groups based on their functions
  23. What is a Tab?
    s segment of the ribbon that contains category titles of tasks you can accomplish within an app.
  24. What is a contextual tab?
    a tab(s) that appears on the right side of the ribbon but only when specific objects are selected.
  25. What is a group?
    a collection of icons on a tab that appear within a rectangular region of the ribbon that perform related functions.
  26. What are the five most common Command sequences?
    OPening a program, opening a doc, saving a doc, closing a doc, and closing the program.
  27. What are some features that Microsoft Word 2010 uses?
    • Automatic text wrapping
    • Find and replace
    • Cut, copy, paste
    • headers and footers, page breaks, page number and dates
    • ability to embed pictures, graphics, charts, tables, footnotes, and endnotes
  28. What does Excel 2010 spreadsheets allow you to record?
    Things that have actually happened or a prediction of things that might happen known as what-if analysis or modeling.
  29. What is a workbook?
    An excel file
  30. What are worksheets?
    What an Excel workbook is made up of.
  31. what are worksheets composed of?
    Columns and rows which make up cells
  32. What is a cell address?
    The column letter and the row number of a particular cell
  33. What is a range of cells?
    Two or more adjacent cells selected at the same time and identified by the addresses of the tope left and bottom right cells seperated by a colon.
  34. What are labels?
    Identifying phrases used to explain numeric entries and the results of formulas
  35. What is a formula?
    A combination of numeric constants, cell references, aritmetic operators, and cell functions that is used to calculate
  36. What is a mathematical formula?
    A formula using the order of operations
  37. What is a function?
    a formula that begins with the equals sign but is then followed by a descriptive name tht is predefined in the software
  38. What is an argument set?
    It contains the passable values or variables that the function will need to produce the answer.
  39. What are Charts?
    A graphical representation of data based on data ranges and labels that identify the ranges
  40. What are sparklines?
    tiny charts embedded into the backgroung of a cell, helps visualize data and show trends
  41. What is Microsoft Access 2010?
    A DBMS, DataBase Management System, which is a software program design to store data in tables
  42. What is a table?
    a series of columns (fields) and rows (records) that make up the data set.
  43. What is a data set?
    The contents of a table.
  44. What is a form?
    A template with blank fields in which users input data one record at a time.
  45. What is a filter?
    Used to display all fields of matching records.
  46. What is a query?
    Used to specify more criteria, limit the fields to be displayed, and be saved for re-use
  47. What does the report feature do?
    Displays info from tables, queries, or a combination of both in a professional manner.
  48. What file extension does Access 2010 use?
  49. What is Microsoft Power point 2010?
    a program used to create and deliver presentations
  50. what is a slide?
    A canvas on which you organize text boxes and graphics to present your ideas or points.
  51. What extension does powerpoint 2010 use?
  52. What is Microsoft Project 2010?
    a productivity program for business users that provides an environmentfor management of projects.
  53. What features does Project 2010 use?
    • A timeline that emphasizes due dates and deadlines.
    • Team planning capability using drag and drop
    • Portfolio manager that monitors allocation of resources and costs
  54. What is Microsoft Outlook 2010?
    Personal Information Management system that gives you the tools you need to manage time and work effectively
  55. What features does Outlook 2010 use?
    • E-mail
    • Conversation Grouping
    • Ignoring Conversations
    • Think Before you send
    • The calendar
  56. In reference to software, what is media?
    Refers to technology used to present info that includes pictures, sound, and video.
  57. In reference to software what is multimedia?
    The incorporation of more than one media tech programs.
  58. What are some Multimedia and Graphics software?
    • Paint
    • Drawing
    • animation programs
    • image-editing programs
    • 3D rendering programs
    • Audio software
    • video-editing software
  59. What are codecs?
    a way to reduce file size of multimedia software to improve file transfer speeds over the internet and more efficiently use hard disk space
  60. What is the technical name of codecs?
    Compression/decompression or code/decode algorithms
  61. What is lossless compression?
    The original file is compressed so that it can be completely restored, without flaw, when it is decomressed.
  62. What is lossy compression?
    Original filed is processed so that some info is permanently removed from the file.
  63. What is ROI?
    region of Interest
  64. What is the benefit of codecs?
    Downloads would take 3 to 5 times longer since the files would be larger
  65. How many types of codecs are there?
  66. What are some of the most common type of codecs?
    • MP3
    • WMA
    • realVideo
    • DivX
    • XviD
  67. What does AVI stand for?
    What is AVI?
    • Audio Video Interleave
    • A Microsoft-created specification for packaging audio and video data into a file.  Not a codec
  68. What are Desktop Publishing Programs?
    They are used to create news-letters, product catalogs, advertising brochures, and other documents
  69. What are paint programs use to create?
    Bitmapped graphics or raster graphics
  70. What are bitmapped graphics?
    They are composed of tiny dots each corresponding to one pixel on the computer's display.
  71. What are jaggies?
    When you edit a bitmapped image and when you enlarge the image and it produces an unattractive distortion.
  72. What does GIF stand for?
    What is a GIF?
    • Graphics Interchange Format
    • a 256 color file format that uses lossless compression to reduce file size, best for simple images with large areas of solid color
  73. What does JPEG stand for?
    What is a JPEG?
    • Joint Photo-Graphic Experts Group
    • These files can store up to 16.7 million colors and are best for complex images like photographs, uses lossy compression
  74. What does PNG stand for?
    What is a PNG?
    • Portable Network Graphics
    • A patent free alternative to GIF, uses lossless compression and are best suited for Web use.
  75. What does BMP stand for?
    What is a BMP?
    • Windows Bitmap
    • Standard bitmapped graphics format from Microsoft Windows. Compression is optional so they tend to be large
  76. What does TIFF stand for?
    What is a TIFF?
    • Tag Image File Format
    • Used in publishing and uses very specific instructions to be attached to an image and captures as much detail as possible.
  77. What are Vector Graphics?
    Images created by the use of points, lines, curves, polygons, and basically any shape that can be generated by a mathematical description or equation.
  78. What is Ray tracing?
    It adds realism to a simulated 3D object by manipulatinf variations in color intensity that would be produced by light
  79. What are image editors?
    Sophisticated versions of paint programs that are used to edit and tranform
  80. when you watch a move in a theater what are you actually seeing?
    Still pictures that are put together to trick your brain into thinking you are looking at motion shown at a frame rate
  81. What is a proprietary file?
    a file format whose patent is pending or copyright protected and controlled by a single company
  82. What are sound files?
    Files that contain digitized data in the form of digital audio waveforms which is saved in a standardized format
  83. What are some sound file formats?
    • MP3
    • WMA (windows Media Audio)
    • WAV
    • Ogg Vorbis
    • MIDI
  84. What does MIDI stand for?
    Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  85. What are Video Editors?
    programs that enable you to modify digitized videos
  86. What are some Video Editors?
    • MPEG
    • Quicktime
    • Video For Windows
  87. What is SMIL?
    Sychronized Multimedia Integration Language, enable users to view multimedia without having to download plugins
  88. What are some Web Page Authoring Programs?
    • Dreamweaver
    • Flash
    • Fireworks
  89. What is Web-hosted technology?
    the capabililty to upload files to an online site so they can be viewed and edited from another location
  90. What is Spyware?
    Internet software that is installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent
  91. What is a Pop-up?
    Small window that suddenly appears in the foreground of the current window
  92. What is Adware?
    Like spyware but it is created specifically by an advertising agency to collect info about your internet habits or to get you to buy something
  93. What are home and educational programs?
    General purpose software such as personal finance and tax preparation software, home design and landscaping software, computerized reference info and games
  94. What does MUD stand for?
    What is MUD?
    • Multiuser dungeons/dimensions
    • Based on Dungeons and dragons, took place in a text only environment where players created personas
  95. What does MMORPG stand for?
    Massivly Multiplayer online role playing game
  96. What is a tailor-made application?
    Designed for specialized fields or the business market
  97. What is custom software?
    Developed by programmers and software engineers to meet the specific needs of an organization.
  98. What is Packaged software?
    aimed at a mass market that inludes both home and business users
  99. What is a stand alone program?
    program that is fully self contained, for example excel and word
  100. What is an integrated program?
    A single program that manages an entire business or set of related tasks
  101. What are modules?
    Functions that share the same user interface and you can switch among them quickly
  102. What is a software suite?
    A collection of individual, full featured, stand alone programs usually possessing a similar interface and a common command structure
  103. What are system requirements?
    the minimal level of equipment that a program needs in order to run
  104. What is a maintenance release?
    A minor revision that corrects bugs or adds minor features.
  105. What are time limited Trial Versions?
    commercial programs on the internet, which exprire or stop working when a set trial period ends
  106. What is a Beta Version?
    A preliminary version of a program in the final phases of testing
  107. What is software upgrading?
    The process of keeping your version of an application current with marketplace
  108. What is a software license?
    A contract distributed with a program that gives you the right to install and use the program on one computer
  109. What are site licenses?
    Contracts with a software publisher that enable an organization to install copies of a program on a specified number of computers.
  110. What is validation?
    Proves that you are using a legal copy of a program
  111. What is commercial software?
    Software that must be purchased.
  112. What is shareware?
    A marketing method that permits a user to have a set period of time to try before you buy.
  113. What is freeware?
    Software given away for free
  114. What is Public Domain Software?
    Software that is not copyrighted that the user can do anything they want with it.
  115. What is a Copy-protected software?
    A program that includes some mechanism to ensure that you dont make or run unauthorized copies of it
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