Civil litigation test review

  1. What are the 5 parts of a complaint?
    • Citation
    • Introdutory sentence
    • Body
    • Prayer for relief
    • Signature block and date
  2. In Wisconsin we have notice pleadings.  What are the exceptions to this? (at least 3)
    • Capacity
    • Time and place 
    • Foreclosure
  3. Who needs to be notified if you are going to record an interview?
    The supervising attorney and the person being interviewed.
  4. What is interpleader and who is it meant to protect? Also give an example.
    Interpleader protects the plaintiff from multiple liability.   An example of this would be the insurance company in a plane crash where there was 100% fatalities.  The insurance company is not disputing the fact that there is a payout, or how much is to be paid out. But the insurance company is requesting to put the money for payout in an account for the court to decide what amount is to be paid out to whom.
  5. What does intervention mean
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Civil litigation test review
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