1. Class Insecta
    Largest class of Hexapoda, 200 million insects for every 1 human on the planet.
  2. Sclerotin
    Protein that is light and flexible, hardens the chiten exoskeleton.
  3. Ocelli
    Photorecptor with no lens, will not form images like compound eyes.
  4. Metamorphosis
    Drastic change in body form.
  5. Instar
    Time between molts.
  6. Larval form
    pre-adult form that eats different food from adult form, preventing intraspecific competition.
  7. Complete metamorphosis
    90% of insects do this, pupa involved.
  8. Pupate (pupa)
    The insect will cocoon itself while its body undergoes a dramatic change.
  9. Incomplete Metamorphosis
    A change in body form that does not involve a pupa, it changes gradually over time.
  10. Direct Development
    Only in a few wingless species, continues to grow as is, only difference between adults and non adults is size and sexual maturity.
  11. Image Upload 1
    Order Lepidoptera
  12. Image Upload 2
    Order Orthoptera
  13. Image Upload 3
    Order Diptera
  14. Image Upload 4
    Order Dermaptera
  15. Image Upload 5
  16. Image Upload 6
    Order Odonata
  17. Image Upload 7
    Order Hymenoptera
  18. Image Upload 8
    Order Coleoptera
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