Word List

  1. i.e.
    • means "in other words";
    • By using "i.e.", I am telling you I am about to specify the exact item.

    "I am on my way to my favorite place, i.e., my bed."
  2. .e.g.
    • means "for example"
    • a list may follow.
  3. oleaginous
    having the nature or qualities of oil
  4. Manichean
    pertaining to a strongly dualistic worldview.
  5. penumbra
    an area in which something exists to an uncertain degree.
  6. bathos
    triteness or triviality in style.
  7. threnody
    a poem, speech, or song of lamentation, esp. for the dead.
  8. regnant
    prevalent; widespread.
  9. shivaree
    a mock serenade with kettles and other noisemakers for a newly married couple.
  10. adumbrate
    to foreshadow; prefigure.
  11. phlegmatic
    not easily excited to action or display of emotion
  12. suspire
    to utter with long, sighing breaths.
  13. baksheesh
    a tip, present, or gratuity.
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