1. Mesoderm
    Third germ layer, houses internal organs.
  2. Trioploblastic
    Three germ layers, endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm.
  3. Polyphyletic
    More than one evolutionary group clustered together.
  4. Coelom
    Fluid filled cavity that houses organs.
  5. Acoelomic
    No proper coelom found in the organism.
  6. Parenchyma
    Solid connective tissue in flat worms that houses organs.
  7. Class Turbellaria
    Planarians; Mostly non parasitic free swimmers or crawlers.
  8. Class Trematoda
    Flukes; All parasitic and have multiple stages of life.
  9. Class Cestoda
    Tapeworms; All parasitic, adult forms live in the intestines of host organisms.
  10. Scolex
    The head of the tapeworm adult.
  11. Proglottids
    Smaller sub units of a tapeworm, contains reproductive organs and eggs.
  12. Eyespots
    Photoreceptors of planarians.
  13. Auricles
    Sides of the planarian head, contains many chemoreceptors and mechanoreceptors.
  14. Muscular pharynx
    "manus" of the flatworm, sucks food in and blows waste out.
  15. Diverticula
    blind-ended pouches off the GastroVascular Cavity.
  16. Gastrovascular cavity (GVC)
    Digestive organ of the flatworm that also transports nutrients and waste.
  17. Protonephridia
    A simple excretory system composed of a flame cell and a tube cell.
  18. Flame cell
    A cell that creates a current inside a flatworm by waving.
  19. Tube cell
    Carries the excess water out of the flatworm.
  20. Oral sucker
    Masticates the tissue of the host.
  21. Ventral sucker
    Holds the flatworm in place while feeding.
  22. pharynx
    Mouth part; Trematoda masticate tissue with it as well.
  23. Incomplete digestive tract
    Trematoda and Planarians have this, as they lack an anus.
  24. Uterus, Ovary, and Yolk (Vitelline) glands
    Located in trematodas.
  25. vas deferens
    The connection between testes and the genital pore.
  26. Genital pore
    sperm is released and absorbed via this pore.
  27. Seminal receptacle
    Sperm of another Trematoda are stored here for later fertilization.
  28. Suckers and hooks
    Found in tapeworms, on their scolex. Used to anchor themselves to their host.
  29. Mehlis's gland
    a shell secreting gland located between the ovary and the yolk of a tapeworm.
  30. Gravid (mature) proglottid
    A proglottid full of fertilized eggs ready to be detached into the feces of the host.
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