Ag Power Units Test 2

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  1. What is a compression ignition engine also known as?
    Diesel engine
  2. What does a compression ignition engine have instead of spark plugs?
    an injector
  3. What does diesel create when it is burned?
    • water
    • carbon
    • heat
  4. When diesel inefficiently combusts, what is created?
    • carbon monoxide
    • soot
    • clogs engine
    • PCA/benzines
  5. What can be used to help diesel engine start in cold weather?
    • ether
    • coolant/lubricant heaters
    • battery heaters
    • glow plugs
  6. What are the strokes in a 2-stroke engine?
    • intake & compression
    • power & exhaust
  7. What are 3 types of forced air induction?
    • turbocharging
    • supercharging
    • RAM air
  8. Whats the advantage of forced induction?
    gets more air in the air/fuel mixture
  9. 3 uses of forced induction
    airplanes, hot rods, racecars
  10. What is scavenging?
    efficiently cleans out burnt air & fuel out of the cylinder by forcing it out
  11. strokes in a 4 stroke
    • intake
    • compression
    • power
    • exhaust
  12. Functions of a carbuerator?
    • mixes fuel and air
    • meters fuel
    • controls air flow
  13. how are carbuerators classified?
    • barrels
    • CFMs (size)
    • fuel type
  14. What is the Venturi?
    • where air horn bottlenecks
    • creates a vaccuum by lowering air pressure and increasing air speed
  15. What does the Choke Valve do?
    controls amount of air let into the carbuerator
  16. What does the Throttle Valve do?
    controls engine speed
  17. Types of small engine carbuerators
    • float
    • suction
    • pulsating suction
    • diaphragm
  18. physical difference of fuel injection and carbueration
    • carbueration has a carbuerator
    • fuel injection has a throttle body
  19. types of fuel injection and their injectors
    • Direct- in combustion chamber
    • Throttle Body- on throttle body
    • Multi Port- on intake manifold over each cylinder
  20. takes electric energy and converts it into kinetic energy
  21. fuel is burned outside of the engine
    external combustion
  22. In 1862 who was the first man to buy and sell 4-cycle engines?
    Nikoulas Otto
  23. What company released the first tractor the Fordson?
  24. Diesel demonstrates his engine using what type of biodiesel?
    Peanut Oil
  25. the push or pull of one body on another
  26. twisting force that tends to cause rotational acceleration of an object
  27. how quickly work can be done
  28. HorsePower was created by
    James Watt
  29. What measures horsepower?
  30. what type of stroke is not an engine stroke
    carbuerator stroke
  31. intake valve is open on
    all the above
  32. what stroke causes combustion
    power stroke
  33. valves are both closed in which strokes?
    power and compression
  34. what is not a 2-stroke
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