Ch 7 Nervous System

  1. Central Nervous System (CNS)
    The brain and the spinal cord as a unit
  2. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
    Nerves of the body
  3. Automatic Nervous System (ANS)
    • The body's automatic or involuntary functions
    • the things that keep you alive
  4. Neuron
    • Consist of 3 part
    • -cell body or main part
    • -dendrites or branching projections
    • -axon or elongated projection
  5. 3 Classifications of Neurons
    • 1.) Sensory
    • -transmit impuleses to the spinal cord and brain from all parts of the body
    • 2.) Motor
    • -transmit impulses away from the brain and spinal cord
    • 3.) Interneurons
    • -conduct impulse from sensory neurons to motor neurons
  6. Myelin
    Fatty white substance formed by the Schwann cells that wrap around some axons outside the central nervous system

    Such fibers are called myelinated fibers
  7. Nodes of Ranvier
    indentations between adjacent Schwann cells
  8. Neurilemma
    The outer cell membrane of the Schwann cell

    Not present in brain and spinal cord cells
  9. Glia
    • do NOT specialize in transmitting impulses 
    • special type of supporting cells

  10. Glioma
    • one of the most common type of brain tumors
    • developes from Glia
  11. Astrocytes
    "star cells"
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