Pedi test 3

  1. angioplasty
    procedure that dilates vessels
  2. cardiomegaly
    enlarged heart
  3. compensation
    maintenance of adequate blood flow accomplished by cardiac and circulatory adjustments
  4. decompensation
    inabiliity of the heartt to maintain adequate circulation
  5. dysrhythmia
    disturbance of rhythm
  6. palpitation
    sensation of rapi or irregular heartbeat
  7. pulmonary edema
    collection of excess fluid in alveoli
  8. pulmonary hypertension
    increased pressure in pulmonary arteries and arterioles
  9. pulmonary venous congestion
    increased pulmonary pressure leading to excessive fluid in the pulmonary veins
  10. shunt
    abnormal blood flow from one part of the circulatory system to another
  11. systemic venous congestion
    increased systemic venous pressure leading to excessive fluid in the systemic veins
  12. valvuloplasty
    procedure to open a valve
  13. afterload
    amount of force aainst which ventricles contract
  14. chronotropic effects
    has an affect on heart's rate  (chrono = time/rate)
  15. inotropic effects
    has effect on myocardial contractility
  16. preload
    measured by determining CVP
  17. risk factors for CHD
    maternal diabetes melitus

    maternal infection during pregnancy

    maternal smoking

    maternal obesity

    maternal exposure to some chemicals and pollutants

    family history of CHD
  18. genetic conditions or defects that increase risk of CHD
    chromosome aberrations, mostly specifically Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome)

    Turner syndrome in girls (single X chromosome)

    Klinefelter variant in boys (genetically having additional X chromosomes)

    Marfan syndrome

    velocardiofacial syndrome (DiGeorge syndrome)
  19. 3 incidences in which shunts occur
    1.  there is an abnormal opening or connection between the cardiac chambers or great arteries

    2.  the pressure is higher on one side of the heard compared with the other (pressure gradient)

    3.  the oxygen saturation is increased or decreased in the normally desaturated or fully saturated blood
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