Life and Living - 1

  1. Equation for respiration:
    • Glucose + Oxygen > Carbon dioxide + water + energy
    • C6H12O6 + 6O2 > 6CO2 + 6H2O + ATP
  2. Why is respiration important to animals?
    Because it breaks down sugars that release energy that animals need to survive.
  3. Equation for photosynthesis:
    Carbon dioxide + water >light + clorophyll> glucose + oxygen
  4. Why is photosynthesis important to animals?
    In the process of plants creating energy they give off oxygen.
  5. Difference between asexual and sexual reproduction?
    Asexual reproduction allows an organism to reproduce by itself. The offspring are genetically identical to the parents. Sexual reproduction involves a partner.
  6. First 5 characteristics of asexual reproduction:
    • Don't need a partner
    • It's quick
    • Favourable environments will be favourable for the offspring
    • Large number of offspring
    • Short or no parental care
  7. Second 4 characteristics of asexual reproduction:
    • No genetic diversity, this makes organisms succeptable to environmental change
    • High fatality rate
    • Only localised dispersal of offspring
    • Less dependant on chance events, e.g pollination
  8. First 4 characteristics of sexual reproduction:
    • Creates variety in population
    • Offspring can withstand environmental changes
    • Disease is reduced by variation
    • Wider range of seed dispersal
  9. Second 3 characteristics of sexual reproduction:
    • More complicated and risky
    • A lot of energy invested in reproduction
    • A lot of care for offspring
  10. Contraception: The Pill: Definition:
    Contains oestrogen and progestogen, stops ovulation.
  11. Contraception: The Pill: Advantages:
    Very effective.
  12. Contraception: The Pill: Disadvantages:
    • Can come with side effects
    • Relies on remembering to take it
    • No protection from STIs
  13. Contraception: Condoms: Definition:
    Stops sperm entering the uterus with a plastic sheath.
  14. Contraception: Condoms: Advantages:
    No side-effects, helps protect from STIs, widely available.
  15. Contraception: Condoms: Disadvantages:
    Ocassionally split or come off.
  16. Contraception: Natural Methods: Definition:
    Relying on own fertility awareness, checking menstruation etc.
  17. Contraception: Natural Methods: Advantages:
    No side effects or medical risks.
  18. Contraception: Natural Methods: Disadvantages:
    Hugely ineffective, doesn't protect from STIs.
  19. Red blood cells journey:
    Right ventricle>right atrium>pulmonary arteries>lungs>left ventricle>left atrium>aorta>whole body>venae cavae>right atrium>right ventricle
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