Cardiovascular System 2

  1. Adrengonic Receptors
    • Stimulated by Norepinephrine¬†
    • Alpha Receptors=Vaso Constriction
    • Beta 2 Receptors=Vaso Dialation
    • Beta 1 Receptors=Cardiac Acceleration
  2. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
    Enlargement of the heart muscle
  3. Eccentric
    Volume Overload
  4. Concentric
    Pressure Overload (after load)
  5. Baroreceptors
    • Pressure Sensitive
    • Aortic Arch
  6. Phases of Cardiac Cycle
    • 1.Ventricular Filling Period (diastole)
    • 2.Isovolumetric Contraction Period (systole)
    • 3.Ventricular Ejection (systole)
    • 4.Isovolumetric relaxation period (diastole)
  7. Frank Starling Law
    They myocardial stretch of ventricles = increase in contractility
  8. Bainbridge Reflex
    Increase stretch of atria evoking a reflex that increases HR
  9. Vagal Withdrawal
    Increase HR
  10. SNS
    Increase HR
  11. Flow Work
    increases due to pre load (running)
  12. Pressure Work
    increases due to after load (weight training)
  13. Stroke Volume
    • Amount of blood ejected in each beat
    • SV=EDV-ESV
  14. Factors that Regulate cardiac output
    • HR
    • Preload
    • Afterload
    • contractility
  15. Pre Load
    Amount of blood in the ventricle at the end of diastole
  16. After Load
    Pressure that the ventricles must overcome to open the valves so blood can be ejected
  17. Poisuille's Law
    F= (P1-P2)Pie R4/8LN
  18. Contractility
    • The forcefullness of contraction
    • the change in presssure of a given change in time
  19. Diastolic Filling Phase
    When Blood is flowing into ventricles via Atria
  20. Systolic Ejection Phase
    When the ventricle is contracting and blood is being ejected from the ventricle to the circuit
  21. Ficks Equation
    VO2=COx(a-v) Difference in O2
  22. Cardiac Output
  23. Angiotesinogen
    Released from Liver
  24. Angiotensin I
    Angiotesinogen combines with Renin
  25. Renin
    Released from Kidneys
  26. ACE
    Angiotensin Converting Enzyme
  27. Angiotensin II
    Angiontensin I combines with ACE
  28. ADH
    • Anti Diuretic Hormone
    • Vasopressin
  29. PVR
    Peripheral Vascular Resistance
  30. Renin Stimuli
    • NA+ depletion
    • diuretics
    • hypotension
    • hemmorrhage
    • erect posture
    • dehydration
    • cardiac failure
    • cirrhosis
  31. ANG III
    • 40% less pressor activity as ANG II
    • 100% aldosterone stimulating activity
  32. ANG II
    • Vasoconstriction is mainly on splanchic and renal cerculation
    • acts on the brain
    • postganglionic SN directly release NE
  33. What stimulates the release of Renin
    • Increased activity of SN
    • decreased pressure of distending afferent arterioles
    • decrease in Na+ and Cl- concentration
    • NE directly stimulates release
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