Soldier of the Month Board

  1. Name two types of PT formations?
    • Extended rectangular
    • Circular
  2. What is the objective of PT?
    Enhance soldiers ability to meet demands of war.
  3. What is MFT?
    Master Fitness Trainer
  4. How many SGM of the Army have there been?
  5. What is the name of the 13th SGM of the Army?
    SGM Kenneth O. Preston
  6. Who was the first SMA?
    SGM William Wooldridge
  7. How many articles of the UCMJ are there?
    146 Articles and 12 sub articles
  8. FM for Physical Security?
    FM 3-19.30
  9. AR for Physical Security?
    AR 190-13
  10. What AR covers ASAP?
    AR 600-85
  11. What FM covers the M16?
    FM 3-22.9
  12. What is remedial action?
    Continuing effort to determine stoppage cause and clear the stoppage once identified
  13. What are the four fundamentals of marksmanship?
    • Steady position
    • Proper aim
    • Breathing
    • Trigger squeeze
  14. What are the 3 Marching steps?
    • 15 inch step
    • 30 inch step
    • 30 inch step double time
  15. What FM covers drill and ceremony?
    FM 3-21.5
  16. What does JLIST Stand for?
    Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
  17. What does CBRNE stand for?
    Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high- yield Explosives
  18. What are two types of NBC hazards?
    • Immediate
    • Residual
  19. What is first aid?
    It is the first care given to casualties before treatment by medical personnel can be made available
  20. FM for First Aid?
    FM 4-25.11
  21. What is the objective of first aid?
    • To stop bleeding
    • Overcome shock
    • Relieve pain
    • Prevent infection
  22. Highest peacetime awards?
    The Soldiers Metal
  23. What form is used for awards?
    DA Form 638
  24. How long do you have to submit for an award?
    two years
  25. Who can submit an award?
    Any person with knowledge of the act
  26. What is the AR for promotions and reductions?
    AR 600-8-19
  27. ways a soldier can be administratively reduced?
    • Misconduct
    • Inefficiency
    • Failure to complete training
  28. What does inefficiency mean?
    A demonstration of characteristics that shows that a person cannot perform duties and responsibilities of the grade and MOS
  29. Who has the authority to promote?
    E-5 to E-6
    E-7 to E-8
    • E4 and below: Unit Commander
    • E5 - E6: Battalion Commander (O-5 or higher)
    • E7 - E9: The commanders of an Army Command
  30. What is supply economy?
    Stopping haste, waste, and abuse of supplies, use only what is necessary
  31. Who is responsible for supply economy?
    All individuals who deal with Army supplies
  32. What are expendable supplies?
    Supplies that are expended in one use i.e. (paint, paper, fuel, etc.)
  33. What does it mean when you sign a hand receipt?
    Direct responsibility of the equipment
  34. How many classes of supply are there?
  35. What is responsibility?
    Responsibility is being accountable for what you do or fail to do.
  36. What are responsibilities of an NCO?
    • Maintaining discipline
    • Maintaining government property
    • Training soldiers
  37. What is a NCO's principle duty and responsibility?
  38. Name the two barriers of communications
    • Physical
    • Psychological
  39. What are the team building stages?
    • Formation
    • Enrichment
    • Sustainment
  40. What are the three approaches to counseling?
    • Directive
    • Non-directive
    • Combined
  41. What are the three major categories of developmental counseling?
    • Event counseling
    • Performance counseling
    • Professional growth counseling
  42. Publication that covers NCOES?
    AR 623-3
  43. How often should soldiers in the weight control program weight in?
  44. How many enlisted Ranks?
    9 enlisted ranks
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