Pysch: Research Methods

  1. Conducted to advance scientific knowledge
    Basic Research
  2. Designed to solve practical problems
    Applied Research
  3. 6 steps of the scientific method
    • 1. Literature Review
    • 2. Testable Hypothesis
    • 3. Research Design
    • 4. Statistical Analysis
    • 5. Peer-reviewed scientific journal
    • 6. Theory
  4. An ethical guideline that indicates voluntary participation and restricted use of deception.
    Informed Consent
  5. An ethical guideline that indicates confidentiality and alternate activities.
  6. 4 key research methods
    • 1. Experimental
    • 2. Descriptive
    • 3. Correlational
    • 4. Biological
  7. Carefully controlled scientific procedure that manipulates variables to determine cause & effect
    Experimental Research
  8. Factor that is manipulated in an experiment
    Independent Variable
  9. Factor that is measured in an experiment
    Dependent Variable
  10. Group in an experiment that receives treatment
    Experimental Group
  11. Group in an experiment that receives no treatment
    Control Group
  12. Reserach influences the research results in the expected direction
    Experimenter bias
  13. Believing in one's culture is typical of all cultures
  14. Research participants are unrepresentative of the larger population
    Sample bias
  15. Research participants are influenced by the researcher or experimental conditions
    Participant bias
  16. Observes and records behavior without producing causal explanations
    Descriptive Research
  17. 3 types of descriptive research
    • 1. Naturalistic Observation
    • 2. Survey
    • 3. Case Study
  18. Observes or measures (without directly manipulating) two or more variables to find relationships betweem them
    Correlational Research
  19. Two variables move (or vary) in the same direction--either up or down
    Positive correlation
  20. Two variables move (or vary) in the opposite direction--either up or down
    Negative correlation
  21. No relationship between two variables
    Zero correlation
  22. Scientific studies of the brain and other parts of the nervous system
    Biological Research
  23. 4 major tools for student success
    • 1. Active Reading
    • 2. Time Management
    • 3. Grade Improvement¬†
    • 4. Additional Resources (instructors, study groups etc.)
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