Psych: Intro

  1. What is psychology?
    The scientific study of behavior & mental processes.
  2. Who is the father of psychology?
    Wilhelm Wundt
  3. Define structuralism.
    sought to identify the basic building blocks or structures, or the mind through introspection
  4. Define functionalism.
    studied how the mind functions to adapt organisms to their environment.
  5. Deals with unconscious processes & unresolved past conflicts. Who is the key leader?
    Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic Perspective; Freud.
  6. Deals with objective, observable environmental influences on overt behavior. Who is the key leader?
    Behavioral Perspective; Watson, Pavlov, & Skinner.
  7. Deals with free will, self-actualization, and a positive, growth-seeking human nature. Who is the key leader?
    Humanistic Perspective; Rogers and Maslow.
  8. Deals with thinking, perceiving, problem solving, memory, language & information processing.
    Cognitive Perspective.
  9. Deals with genetics and other biological processes in the brain & other parts of the nervous system.
    Neuroscience/Biopsychology Perspective.
  10. Deals with natural selection, adaptation and evolution.
    Evolutionary Perspective
  11. Deals with social interaction & cultural determinants.
    Socialcultural Perspective
  12. Which perspective combines all seven major perspectives?
    Biopsychosocial model
  13. Why do psychologists and other scientists need multiple perspectives?
    Allo psychologists to better understand research and complex behavior and mental processes.
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