JPII - Witness to Hope

  1. On Sep. 1, 1939, ...
    Germany invaded poland
  2. When was Karol Wojtyla born?
    May 18, 1921
  3. Karol's youth nickname was... and he played...
    Lolek... soccer
  4. Who died in Karol's early life? (2)
    Mother and brother Edmund
  5. Who is the "most powerful icon of hope"?
    Virgin Mary
  6. T/F Poland is the most intensely Catholic country in the world
  7. Karol describes his home as his first...
  8. After WWI which European nation had the highest Jewish population?
  9. What two cultural elements did Lolek fall in love with?
    Language and religion
  10. What was Karol's major in college?
    (Polish) literature
  11. Which country attacked Poland from the east while the Nazis attacked from the west?
  12. Which group of people did the Nazis send to concentration camps first?
  13. What job does Karol pick up under the Nazi occupation?
    Assistant dynamiter in a limestone quarry
  14. How many Poles were killed in WWII?
    Approx 3 million
  15. If the Nazis were to demoralize Poland, what did they have to decapitate?
    The Church
  16. How many priests and nuns were sent to concentration camps in Poland?
  17. What is a mystic?
    Someone whose relationship with God is very close and intimate
  18. What Catholic mystic did Karol study?
    John of the Cross
  19. One way in which Karol and others resisted the Nazis without fighting...
    "underground education" and theater
  20. The "underground theater" founded by Karol et al was to save Poland's ____
  21. The anecdote of how Karol resisted the Nazis in the theater group...
    Even when the loudspeaker came on, he kept doing his part
  22. The power of the ____ can stop evil in the world
  23. What institution saved the most Jewish lives in Poland and Italy during WWII?
    the Church
  24. What event deepens Karol's understanding that God has a plan for him?
    He is hit by a German truck, is rescued by a passerby, and doesn't die
  25. What historic resistance in Poland failed?
    Warsaw uprising
  26. Where did Karol and other Polish seminarians hide during WWII?
    At Cardinal Sapieha's private residence
  27. Why did Poland lose the war twice?
    It was occupied by the Germans, and then by the Soviets
  28. 2 ways in which Poland was different from other Soviet occupied nations...
    • The Church remained a powerful force
    • Poland was nationalistic
  29. Why does the bishop not allow Karol to join the monastery?
    Karol needs to be a social activist - in other words, a priest
  30. What feast does the Church celebrate on 1 November 1946, the day Karol was made a priest?
    All Saints' Day
  31. What is the center of every human life?
    encountering God
  32. What will Fr. Karol fight against for 40 years?
  33. What type of people was Fr. Karol called to serve in his first parish assignment?
  34. What disappears when Poles under Stalin's rule leave the church building?
    sense of community
  35. What was Fr. Karol creating for people?
    A "zone of freedom"
  36. What familial title did the young people give Fr. Karol?
  37. The Nazis and communists have created a crisis of ___ (2)
    ideas and ideals
  38. How long is Fr. Karol's teaching career, and what does he teach?
    24 years, philosophy and ethics
  39. What starts in 1962?
    Vatican II
  40. How many bishops are summoned to Rome in 1962?
  41. According for Fr. Karol what had gotten lost that caused so much death in the last century?
    Innate dignity of the human person
  42. What Vatican II document did he help develop?
    The Declaration on Religious Freedom
  43. Nowa Huta was supposed to be a town without ____
  44. When is Bishop Karol made an archbishop?
    1963, Krakow
  45. How many people come to Nowa Huta to dedicate the Ark church?
  46. How long was JPI in leadership of the Church?
    33 days
  47. How many years were there Italian popes before JPII?
  48. JPII was elected ________ (date)
    16 October 1978
  49. What does the Pope tell the world not to be?
  50. What does JPII tell the Poles to cherish?
    spiritual heritage
  51. What did JPII give back to the Poles during his visit?
    Polish identity
  52. What anticommunist movement was begun in 1980- by a Polish electrician?
  53. What happened on 13 May 1981?
    JPII is shot by Mehmet Acga
  54. Who did JPII say saved him from death?
  55. What 3 things should human life be governed by?
    Truth, freedom, justice, love
  56. JPII tells the world that capitalism must be disciplined by...
  57. What philosophy does JPII reject?
  58. What year did JPII come to Detroit?
  59. What theology did JPII reject?
    "liberation theology"
  60. What moral teachings did JPII remain firm on?
    Abortion, birth control, homosexuality, women clergy
  61. The heart of the Papal office is a _____
  62. JPII diagnosed with Parkinson's at...
  63. What two groups does JPII reach out to?
    Other religions and the world's youth
  64. What has JPII personalized for the world like no other religious figure?
    spiritual dimension of human existence
  65. How many gathered in the Philippines for WYD?
    7 million
  66. What is JPII's answer to why young people are so attracted to him?
    Holy Spirit
  67. What has JPII found a link between?
    His conversations with God, and his conversations with people (humanity and divinity)
  68. What cannot be described in words?
    the deepest spirituality of a person
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