MCJ 10: Current Events (4)

  1. How many American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan?
  2. This European country is considering a ban on pornography:
  3. What did Afghan president Hamid Karzai order on Sunday and accuse the United States of doing?
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered US special forces to leave Wardak province within two weeks after it was claimed that the elite units had been involved in the torture and disappearance of Afghan civilians.
  4. The most senior Roman Catholic cleric in Great Britain has resigned. Name him and explain what he is accused of.
    Cardinal Keith O’Brien- accused of committing “inappropriate acts” in his relations with three priests and one former priest.
  5. Name the president of Cuba. What did he announce on Sunday?
    Raúl Castro- announced Sunday that the five-year term he has just begun will be his last, giving the Castro era an official expiration date of 2018.
  6. What are thousands of paroled sex offenders in California doing with their court-ordered GPS tracking devices?
    Sex offenders in California are removing or disarming their court-ordered GPS tracking devices
  7. Name the first tunnels built in California in 50 years and the stretch of roadway they will divert.
    Tom Lantos Tunnels- poised to divert motorists away from an ocean cliff-hanging roadway dubbed Devil's Slide south of San Francisco to a smooth, Alpine-like passageway
  8. Which two U.S. airlines recently merged?
    American Airlines and US Airways
  9. The chairman of this large American chain of bookstores wants to buy out the stores but not its e-book division. Name the chain.
    Barnes & Noble
  10. Secretary of State John Kerry has held talks with the prime minister of Great Britain. Name him.
    David Cameron
  11. One of the biggest civil trials ever has begun in New Orleans. What is the subject.
    2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spil
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MCJ 10: Current Events (4)
MCJ 10: Current Events (4)