1. An employee who is being trained to be journey level:
  2. Meets or exceeds the recognized standards within the industry:
  3. Name 5 types of energy sources that could cause injury to personnel:
    • Chemical
    • Hydraulic
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Thermal
    • Neuclear
    • Pheunmatic
  4. A person who is familiar with the construction of, or operation of such lines and/or equipment that concerns his/her position and who is fully aware of the hazards connected therewith, or, one who has passed a journey status examination for the particular branch of the electrical trades with which he/she may be connected:
    Qualified person - employee
  5. The envelope the encloses the insulation of a cable and provides an equipotential surface in contact with cable insulation:
    Insulation shielding
  6. An object that is not readily accessible to persons unless special means of access are used:
  7. A person who has been designated by the employer as having authority over switching and clearance of high voltage lines and station equipment:
    System operator or power dispatcher.
  8. A test in which voltages of approximately 1000 volts are used as a practical minimum and in which the voltage source has sufficient energy to cause injury:
    High voltage test
  9. The system in which one conductor is used as the neutral for one or more circuits; one condutor may be used as the neutral for both the primary and secondary circuits of a distribution system:
    Neutral System
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