Diseases and Disorders Vocab.txt

    term conditions that are frequent and habital
  2. Anhidrosis
    no sweat
  3. Acne Vulgaris
    Constantly ace that seeks medical attention
  4. Agnail
  5. Alopecia Areata
    sudden loss of hair in round or irregular patches
  6. Alopecia
    Excessive hair loss
  7. Androgenetic Alopecia
    • Hair loss caused by a combination of heredity, hormones and age
    • shrinking of¬†¬†certain scalp follicles
  8. Bruised nails
    Dark purplish discoloration under the nail
  9. Canities
    Grayness or whiteness of hair
  10. Bromidrosis
  11. Chloasm
    liver spots
  12. Comedones
    • blackheads
    • (oil) trapped in the hair follicles
  13. Chronic Condition
    conditions that are frequent
  14. Contagious
    communicable by contact
  15. CYST
    sac with solid, liquid or gas
  16. Condition
    term used to describe contagious or non contagious conditions
    cracks in skin, chapped lips
    white patches
  19. ECZEMA
    dry or moist lesions

    allergic reaction to chemicals
  21. Disorder
    a disturbance in physical/ mental health or functions
  22. Disease
    Sickness; illness, unhealthy condition
  23. KELOID
    thick scar
  24. Excorriations
  25. Terminal
    develops at puberty (in armpits, pubic area, chest and facial hair in men)
  26. Furrows
    Indented vertical lines down the nail plate
  27. Fungus
    group of eukargotic single cell/multinucle that live by decomposing and organisms matter
  28. Warts
    A skin growth caused by a virus
  29. WHEAL
    insect bites/hives
  30. NODULE
    small tumor
  31. Vesicles
    poison ivy
  32. Vellus
    Hair that covers most of the body
  33. Tinea
    • ringworm
    • small blisters caused by vegetable parasite
  34. Tinea capitis
    • ringworm of the scalp
    • enlarged open hair follicles
  35. Tinea favosa
    • honeycomb ringworm
    • encrusted areas on the scalp
  36. Tertiary Skin Lesions:
    Are any abnormal changes in the structure of an organ or tissue
  37. Trichorrhexis Nodosa
    knotted hair
  38. Trichoptilosis
    spilt ends
  39. Traumatic Alopecia:
    hair loss due to pulling or twisting
  40. Telogen Effluvium
    Premature shedding of hair
  41. Scabies
    itch mite
  42. Scars
  43. Seasonal Disease: Disease influenced by the weather
  44. Ringworm (Tinea)
    red circular path of small blisters (veggie parasite)
  45. PAPULE
    pimple without pus
  46. PUSTLE
    pimple with pus
  47. Pterygium
    living skin that becomes attached to the nail plate
  48. BULIA
    burn blister
  49. MACULE
  50. Prognosis
    medical opinion of the future condition of illness
  51. Pathology
    The study of a disease
  52. Keratoma
    keratosis, any skin disease characterized by a horny growth
  53. Hypertrophy
    new growth: overgrowths; excesses of skin
  54. Kolionychia
    • Nails with a concave shape
    • also called spoon nails
  55. Pediculosis capitis
    Medical term for head lice
  56. Pityriasis Steatoides
    Medical term for greasy or waxy dandruff
  57. Pityriasis
    The medical term for dandruff
  58. Onychatrophia
  59. Onychia
    Inflammation of the nail matrix
  60. Onychorrhexis
    Spilt or brittle nails
  61. Onychausix
    thickening of the nail plate
  62. Onychosis
    study of nail disease
  63. Onychophagy
    Refers to bitten nails
  64. Onychomycosis
    Fungus of the nail
  65. Leukoderma
  66. Leuconychia
    White spots appearing in the nail
  67. Lanugo
    Human speech, spoken or written; wording
  68. Milia
  69. TUMOR
    Solid mass
  70. CRUST
    yellow crusty infection
  72. Psoriasis
    silvery rough scales
  73. Postpartum Alopecia
    The temporary hair loss at the conclusion of pregnancy
  74. Hypertrichosis
    coverage of hair on areas of the body where normally only lanugo hair appears
  76. Herpes Simplex
    fever blisters
  77. Primary Skin Lesions:
    any abnormal changes in structure of organ/tissue
  78. Secondary Skin Lesions
    appears as a disease progresses
  79. Melanotic Sarcoma
    type type of fatal skin cancer beginning as a mole
  80. 6 Signs of Infection
    • -pain
    • -swelling
    • -redness
    • -fever
    • -throbbing
    • -pus
  81. Subjective Symptom
    symptoms maybe felt but nothing maybe visable
  82. Objective symptom
    symptoms that are visible
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