Vocab 7-16

  1. A- (an-)
    Not, lacking, without

    Amnesia, atheist, anonymous
  2. Anti-
    Against, the opposite

    Antonym, antisocial, antiseptic
  3. Dis-
    Not, away, remove

    Disimissed, disconnect, disinfect, dishones
  4. Il-

    Illegal, illegivle, illogical, illusion
  5. Im-

    Immature, imperfect, immortal, immune, imobile
  6. In-

    Inaudible, injustice, infiinite, incomplete
  7. Ir-

    Irrational, irresponsible, irreversible, irregular
  8. Mal-
    Poor, hard, evil

    Malfoy, malnutrition, malfunction, malpractice
  9. Mis-
    Wrong, bad

    Miseralbe, misplace, misread, mislead
  10. Non-

    Nonprofit, nonalcoholic, nonsense
  11. Ob- (op-)
    Against, in the way, stopping

    Obstacle, Opponent, oppose, obstruct
  12. Un-

    Unbelievable, uncommon, unequal, unconscious, unlimited
  13. Ante-
    Before in time or place, in front of

    Ancestro, anticipate, antique, ancient, ante meridiem (A.M.)
  14. Pre-
    Before in time or place

    Predict, preview, prewrite, preteen, pretest, precede
  15. Post-
    After in time or place

    Postpone, postcript, postwar, postgraduate
  16. Inter-
    Between in time or place

    Interview, interstate, intertwine, intervene, intermix, interject
  17. Sub- (sup-)
    Down, under, lower

    Subatomic, subdue, submit, submarine
  18. Under-
    Down, lower, below

    Underclass, undergo, undersea, understudy
  19. Super-
    Higher, greater, larger, above

    Soprano, supervise, superstar, superior, superhero, s
  20. Sur-
    Higher, greater, larger, above

    Surpass, surrender, surplus, surcharge, surreal
  21. Over-
    Higher, greater, above, too much

    Overage, overwork, overview, overdose, overcharge
  22. Out-
    Higher, greater, better

    Outdo, outrace, outwit, outsmart, outthink
  23. Co-
    With, together, joint

    Cohost, cosign, cohabit, coauthor, cooperate,
  24. Coll-
    With, together, joint; totally, completely

    Collustion, collect, collide, collaborate
  25. Com-
    With, together, joint; totally, completely

    Combat, compile, compose, compare, combine, compete
  26. Con-
    With, together, joint; totally, completely

    Conduct, connect, concert, convene, confront, conclude
  27. Corr-
    With, together, joint; totally, completely

    Correct, corroborate, corrode, corrupt
  28. Simil- (simul-, -semble)
    Same, alike

    Assemble, similar, simlie, simultaneous,
  29. Sym- (syn-)
    With, together, alike

    Symmetry, synchronize, synonym, synthesize
  30. Counter- (contra-)
    Against, opposite, back, response

    Countradict, conterclockwise, contrase, counterfeit, counterpart
  31. Ad-
    Motion to, toward, into, next to

    Adapt, adjacent, adjust, advise, adjoin
  32. Ex-
    Motion out of, out, outward, away from, beyond

    Examine, exhale, exhaust, export, exterior, external, explode
  33. Per-
    Motion through, throughtout; thoroughly, completely

    Perplex, persuade, permit, pervade, permanent
  34. Pro-
    Motion forward, in front of, outward, upward

    Proceed, progress, propel, produce, propose, promote
  35. Trans-
    Motion across, from one place to another, through

    Transfer, transit, transparent, transmit, transfuse
  36. Ab-
    Motion away, away from, back

    Abortion, abuse, abnormal, abduct, abrupt
  37. De-
    Motion down, downward, lower, to a lower level, away

    Debate, depart, demolish, deviant, depose, devour, destroy
  38. De- (2)
    Motion to remove, take off, reverse; opposite of base

    Deflate, detach, dethrone, demilitarize, deodorant, desegregate, defame, decompose
  39. Se-
    Movement aside, apart, off by itself

    Secure, select, secede, seduce, sever, secluded
  40. Semi
    One half

    Semiannual, semipro, semifianl, semicircle
  41. Uni (on)

    Lony, uniform, unti, unique, once, unify, union, unanimous
  42. Sol
    One, alone, by itself

    Solo, solitaire, sole, solitude
  43. Mono

    Monarch, monologue, monoploy, monotone
  44. Bi

    Bicycle, biped, biweekly, bilingual, combine, bipartisan
  45. Du (di, do, twi)

    Dual, duo, twice, twin, duet, dilemma, double
  46. Tri

    Trice, trio, triple, tripod, triangle, tricycle
  47. Quad

    Quadruplets, squad, squar, quarter, quartet, qaudruple
  48. Quin or Pent

    Pentagon, quintuple, quintuplet
  49. Dec

    Decade, dime, decimal, decagon, decimeter
  50. Cent

    Centipede, percent, century, centimeter
  51. Mill

    Mile, millisecond, millipede, millimeter
  52. Neg (null)
    None, nothing

    Null, nelect, negative
  53. Vac (van, void)
    Empty, leave, go away

    Aboid, vacuum, vanish, evacuate
  54. Micro
    Very small, unseen by the eye

    Microorganisms, microchip, miron, miscroscope
  55. Min
    Small, tiny

    Diminsih, mino, minus,mince, minuscule
  56. Brev (brid)
    Short, shorten

    Brief, abbreviation, unabridged
  57. Pein (plete)
    Fill, full, add to, finish

    Complement, pleyty, plentiful, deplete
  58. Multi
    Many, much

    Mutiply, muliple, multimedia
  59. Poly
    Many, much

    Polygon, polygraph, polysyllabic, poynomial
  60. Prim (prin, pri)
    First, most important, one

    Premier, primary, priorities, prmier, principle
  61. Centr
    Middle, in the middle

    Central, centralize, concentrate
  62. Medi (meri, mid)

    Median, medium, mean, medieval, midnight
  63. Equl
    Middle, of the same value, identical

    Equalize, equilibrium, equator, equalateral
  64. Circul
    Around, round

    Circle, encircle, circulate, circuit
  65. Fin
    End, complete, limit

    Finish, infinite, refine, finale, confine
  66. -Meter
    • -An instrument to measure something
    • -The measurement of something

    Diameter, micrometer, geometry, pedometer, barometer
  67. -Graph
    • -An instrument to recond something, write
    • -The records or writings on a subject

    Autobiography, bibliography, monograpy, ocengraphy
  68. Ology
    Study of something

    Biology, criminology, patholy, zoology, geology, archeology
  69. Gram
    Something written or drawn

    Ideogram, program, telgram, monogram, gammar, diagram
  70. Scrib (scrip)
    To write; something written

    Script, subscribe, manuscipt, describe, scibble
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