SAT 5-4

  1. merge
    v. to blend together
  2. muse
    v. to meditate; to consider thoughtfully
  3. mutable
    adj. subject to change; prone to frequent change; inconstant
  4. opportune
    ajd. suitable for a particular purpose; occuring at a favorable moment
  5. pontificate
    v. to speak pompously and at length
  6. quisling
    n. a traitor, esp. one who serves as the puppet of the enemy
  7. rapture
    n. the experience of great joy; ecstasy
  8. satire
    n. a irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack human vice or folly, esp. in a literary work
  9. sedition
    n. the promotion of rebellion against the gov.
  10. shoal
    n. an area of shallow water
  11. sodden
    adj. thoroughly wet, drenched
  12. Spartan
    adj. hardy, frugal, and highly disciplined; not lavish or luxuriosu
  13. succulent
    adj. full of juice; highly enjoyable
  14. tedious
    adj. boring; tiresome; monotonous
  15. token
    adj. performed only as an indication of intent
  16. veer
    v. to change direction
  17. vice
    n. an evil practice or habit
  18. waddle
    v. to walk rocking from side to side
  19. yoke
    v. to join together; to unite closely
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