SAT 5-3

  1. delectable
    adj. very pleasing; delightful; esp. in the taste
  2. demean
    v. to disrespect; to lower; to degrade; to ridicule
  3. diagnosis
    n. the recognition of a disease or injury by symptoms; a critical analysis of the nature or something
  4. endow
    v. to provide with material goods, talents, or qualities
  5. enumerate
    v. to count off or list
  6. equanimity
    n. evenness of temper esp. as a characteristic state
  7. exult
    v. to rejoice greatly
  8. eyesore
    n. something that is unpleasant or offensive to view
  9. fester
    v. to rot; to decay; to putrefy
  10. gale
    n. a strong wind
  11. gargantuan
    adj. or huge size or capacity
  12. grisly
    adj. inspiring horror because of appalling crudity or inhumanity; gruesome
  13. havoc
    n. great destruction and devastation
  14. hefty
    adj. heavy
  15. humane
    adj. kind; compassionate
  16. hypothesis
    n. a tentative explanation; something assumed true for the sake of argument or investigation
  17. incontrovertible
    adj. impossible to dispute
  18. incriminate
    v. to make appear guilty of a crime or fault
  19. innovative
    adj marked by a new or unusual way of doing things
  20. jeremiad
    n. an elaborate and lengthy tale of sadness
  21. kernel
    n. the inner seed, as or grain; the central part
  22. lacerate
    v. to rip, cut, or tear; to casue deep emotional pain
  23. laggard
    n. a slow person; loiterer
  24. limber
    adj. bending easily; flexible
  25. lull
    v. to smoothe or calm; to deceie into trustfulness
  26. machiavellian
    adj. practicing deceit or cunning; favoring expediency over moral principle
  27. mannerism
    n. a distinctive behavioral trait; an idiosyncrasy
  28. marshal
    v. to arrange in order
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