SAT 5-2

  1. cow
    v. to frighten with threats or a show of force
  2. faculty
    n. a natural ability to do something
  3. flag
    v. to slow down in pace
  4. fume
    n. to be in a state of anger
  5. harbor
    v. to give shelter; to entertain or nourish (a specific thought or feeing)
  6. pale
    v. to decrease in relative importance
  7. rash
    adj. showing boldness or haste without judgement
  8. relief
    n. a distinction or prominence due to contrast
  9. reserved
    adj. self-restrained and withdrawn in speech and manner
  10. station
    n. a social position
  11. aberration
    n. a departure from what is right, true, correct
  12. abide
    v. to tolerate
  13. anthology
    n. a collection of literary works
  14. arid
    adj. dry and barren; not interesting
  15. arrogant
    adj. having more pride and self-importance than is proper
  16. beget
    v. to produce; to father offspring
  17. blemish
    n. a flaw that harms the appearance of something
  18. byzantine
    adj. highly complicated or intricate; characterized by devious plotting
  19. centrifugal
    adj. moving away from the center
  20. chide
    v. to scold
  21. connote
    v. to imply something beyond a literal meaning
  22. convey
    v. to carry or transmit; to communicate
  23. defray
    v. provide for the payment of
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